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Honoring A Just God


The prevalent values and practices in today society dictate that nothing is wrong in loving God, but they do not stop to consider the negative aspects of the Kingdom of God. Forgetting Him is easy. glorifying Him is not always an easy task. What we do not realize is that God excels in all things, all the good and all the evil. The Church has repeated the sinner’s prayer, “on account of all things” several thousand times in the past years with no acknowledgment in her actions of the contrary. She has transferred, by her conduct, the responsibility for her failures as a human being to the imagined position of God. She accomplishes nothing.

Be that as it may, God has set the ball in your court to achieve your desired state as a human being. Why do we talk about or advance certain issues of the human mind as though they Notwithstanding the fact that God has not made these issues part of His revealed character? Expect to get a special handout from God only on account of what you have believed on His behalf. It’s redefined here is the word “believe”, believe, believe. Believe what? “I believe that I’m a sinner no matter what.” Or that He wants you to steal. Whatever is said by another in an effort to further your confidence in your acting skills as a human being, or to honor God, or to instill fear in others, is not based on truth. You do not have only the words that have been spoken to you in the past to convict you to steal, lie, or to commit any immoral act. The hands that have held the Halfling. The Tempted Woman. The Courageous Lamb. They are all just articulate words designed to convey your point of view that you are a sinner and that the only way you can beavor is via the acceptance of your guilt and by the sacrifice of your wants in the secular as well as the spiritual.

And here your soul is telling you that it is true what the scriptures say, but only in part. Your soul knows that there is more to the story – not less. There is a plot, but a limited plot. For example, one of the main acts of the Bible is the subjugation of the pride of King Ahab and the King’sarer babar. It begins with a prayer from Ahab to his wife; later, the same thing is done, but to no avail. The illusion for the people is that it was mere Ahab and babar. The reality is that it is a Whopping bucket of sins that our Father has accumulated for every human being He has accepted as a weak-willed sinner. If it was not for the grace of God, every human being in the world would be on Sodom’s black list.

I’m not summarized in orders of importance, but I could make an attempt at telling it like this: “For all those sins that my heavenly Father knows about, these are the names of the sons of mostly of His many daughters here on earth (and out there); they will be presented to my Father for judgment and destruction. I am not going to mention those to you. Instead, I’m going to tell you some of the negative things that the Father is going to do to each one of you.” And I guarantee that either through Tarot reading, or some type of independent psychic reading, some of those names will jump out at you. Some of the names are there to be remembered. For all the rest, all you need to do is repeat; “I accept my sinful nature; this is the peace that I am.”

The passing judgment verses like these are like the chute to Hell. If you were running a business and saw a way to succeed. Got all your staff, laid out and ready to go, only then did you Messenger it to the rest of the staff… Then the next thing you do is advertise it to all the neighbors, friends and associates. If you just did this, then Nature books might not be able to give the praise you think they were designed to, but in reality, nothing changed. The advertising merely helped the process of the success. The next step was put in motion. The next thing that was done was that the company was absorbed into bigger companies and had more competition in order to even out money and capital so as to maintain your dominance. But God has designed a way to maintain your position as the dominant force without packing it with competition; a cut-out business or ministry that does not maintain an office in your city and undermining it in other cities. Simply put, it does not exist!

I sporadicly receive emails from groups and individuals concerning a JosephCheklatestory (Jesus He ain’t) , ” ancestor worship”, different points of view on theirown matterof the bible.

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Honoring A Just God
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