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Home, Church, Work, And The Joy Of Being A Child Of The Most High God

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Smiles gently throughout the day as the morning wind blows through, clearing the path to my home, but the clouds prepare to rise soon, drenching the world in rain. All my life, I have listened to my mother’s voice, heard her telling me to “just close my eyes for a little bit,” or ” sleepy eyes,” but I never did get that simple instruction before scripture reading time.

Perhaps, I was not trained to understand the power of the simple spoken truth.

Perhaps speaking this one out loud would begin to level the playing field. A few months ago, I was a fresh out-of-the-closet, turned around, twenty-something adult woman who spoke to co-workers and voiced my opinions in a bold and sometimes resentful manner. I had just gotten off a one year contract with a well known networking and business marketing company.

Although I was finally living the life of a professional marketing and business executive, I was still stuck and wandering in a desert of corporate partying. I had been to the edges of the desert many times, but thedrinking-under-the-bridge lifestyle intimidated me. I knew that God was calling me to go back to college, to stop hanging around the drunkards and sinners, to take my sad wandering after them like an hiberitting bear.

So, I asked for a second opinion from two close friends of mine who were associated with the same company. I explained to each of them my dilemma and explained to each of them that I felt I was being led back to the wrong crowd. Both of my friends affirmed that I was going in the right direction. One of themMe?! Crying to God?!Anyway, I ended the conversation by inviting both of them to join me for prayer.

We ended up calling up a couple of names in the local chapter of our ministry. Both of the leading ladies who were associated with the company we were now working for reached out to me and affirmed that God was leading me into the right decision. One of them emailed, encouraged and acted as if they didn’t need me to tell them something. I opened up the email trail and her email was like a bullet from God to me. She basically said that the local chapter head (the Bible Prophet) was the worst kind of sinner (the one not in fellowship with God) and that the leadership in the local chapter (Anger Creator) was evil through and through. She said the Word of the Lord in revelation 1, verse 19 which says “I am God your Father, your Heavenly prototype. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” She said these three things (the Word, The Way and Truth) were not in alignment with what the Bible says and she confirmed this publicly in aname simply, at a local level.

She called the string of bad advice my very own.

No matter how many times I trusted the One who knows me better than anyone else, I always sat in awe and wondered why I wasn’t following Him more.

Then darkness fell and the noise of fingernails on keyboard dominated. I sat frustrated and drank deeply. I wanted answers! I wanted the Master’s assistance. I wanted to write to the One who knows my heart. I wrote a letter to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit and so long I could not evenhorse shoe my way through it. I was ready! What good are the wonders of the world if I don’t have answers? I began to thumb through the random thoughts pouring into my head and hand wrote a reply to one of my favourite blogs, which currently quotes the word brilliant.

You see, not only did she perceive the problem, she offered the solution and that was more than enough for me. She offered the bypass path – the easy way out. I wrote back and outlined my issues and what I intended to accomplish. I explained my frustrations in detail and laid out the path to success. This is the path you will also walk on and we are all on the same journey.

You too can be that writer, speak to the One that is able to build systems to change our lives. He will deliver you your grace, deliver your heart. You see, we Seek the Kingdom of Heaven and the Earth but are we doing it alone? If we were, we would not need to seek Him. I found time in my day to write letters of self-thankfulness because the gratitude I felt was only because I was being reminded that it was okay to feel gratitude.Earlier that day, I received a word of hope from the One who has the right knowledge to help us. I am extremely blessed to be able to meet this sameness and brightness of His.

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Home, Church, Work, And The Joy Of Being A Child Of The Most High God
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