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History Of The World – Where Does This Impress You?

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Have you ever been to an ancient site, village, or town and you discovered something amazing and you cant stop thinking and trying to get your hands on it. Maybe it a stone statue of a toddler god or a knight in armor or way way way down deep into a cave you found a key.

Maybe youidity or courage you felt and then when you tried to touch it and make a connection to the energy it sense of purity and you involuntarily pushed it away with your fingers.

No matter where you touch it, you felt there was some kind of energy or force down there compelling you to pick it up, and you when you touched it you experienced a tingling sensation, and the feeling of pure joy welled up like a spring breeze.

You then had a feeling this was special and it made you want to go and get more.

As you approached the door of the ruin you could feel the despair building inside of you at this very moment. You felt your faith had failed, you felt you were living in a world you could not change and you felt cornered by this despair.

You suddenly lost feeling for the world and you drift down to the muddy water in the middle of the lake.

Suddenly you felt you were alone and your thoughts began to noise and you began to see through your mind’s eye into the past where you saw a rain storm.

It was a beautiful storm and the rain was falling so hard it was pulsing purple and yellow and red. You could see mud streaming down making its way to the surface. It was dying there, wet and soggy. And over all of it you could see a man smiling a sad smile and tears falling like snow.

You thrust your hand in to the water and felt your clothes being washed away in it. And your mind starts to chatter and you began to think you are losing everything. But you were really taking a bath in thePurple Rain.

Then you could see a pink cloud in the sky. It was moving slowly behind a rainbow shaped background. You could see the clouds changing shape and forever you were in pure purple rain.

You saw the man in the purple rain in a letter and you could feel the love this man and his letters felt to you. Yes this man was writing to you. He wrote you and he means every word. He wrote you and he is telling you that the problem is with you and you should repent and put your trust in Him and Him alone.

He wrote you that you were a braggart, a liar, a cheater, a proud dishonestheart, and he painted a beautiful picture of you that would make you fall to your knees and cry if someone was to see you reading this. He goes on to say if you see this person next time when you are faced with problems you will tremble and cannot answer right, and you will run away from him. The best part is this is all true!

You feel sad and terrified, but the most important thing is that He is still teaching you a lesson. This is what God wants you to know. That He had warned you this would happen to you but you had disobeyed His instructions and lacked true faith. You are being punished for these actions.

But the strange thing is that He had told you to leave that job and get a life! Why? You had wasted your time and you had neglected your responsibilities. You had truly been a failure and He was now using you as He slowly is using others.

Jesus had been teaching you that the challenge you had was but an illusion, it was like a faithfully managed marriage, a carefully orchestrated play. You feel like your life is a failure but it wasn’t, it had not been planned, it was just an illusion.

No matter what you feel now, this is what God wants you to know. All that matters is your relationship with Him, it’s His affection, and your actions.

Many people feel responsible for others, they feel guilty if they are not doing enough to help, or claim they are too busy for those who do not know the Lord. This was the true opposite of what Jesus was teaching His disciples.

Jesus had purchased their lives, their bodies, their minds, their feelings, their souls. He had revealed their souls. He wasn’t saying, follow me, do these things, do this, and not do this.

He said, “The master’s sheep have all gone in search of him. I am leaving them in the hands of evil men, the birds of the air, and of thebeast of the earth. Because they did not know him, I am going to send them by the hand of the relatives, things which when they saw began to gnaw at them.” (John 10:14-15).

History Of The World – Where Does This Impress You?
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