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Heroes And Warriors

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Every organism, that is active in this world, whether it be the tiniest atom, to the single cell, to the protein, to the enzyme, to the seed: all these living and active; do act in one unity, they are not themselves isolated, but interact with each other, and with all things that are in the worlds of undergoing change, or are evolving.

So too, ourselves… are we not all – all individuals, all going in different directions, but with the same desire to be happy, to be love, to laugh and cry, to build, to create? The ‘I’ that I am, is not the separate, unique individual that I think I am.

Funny, when I picture myself as a aggressor, a fighter, then I see something else. I see something else being hitched up and knock down by something bigger than me.

It is a big picture, much bigger than me, and the big picture is that there is one Self of all entities, humans included, and that Self – this basic, inherent direction in life, beyond thought, one that is the foundation of everything, the basis of all matter, substance, how things look, why things exist, on and on and on – is the basis of happiness itself.

The biggest secret – you’re the one – is that you’re already the happiness itself. You are the core of happiness. You are the basis of all that is. You are the one that is already true happiness.

Think about it deeply. Leave logic and linear thinking alone (unless you wish to discuss it, then continue) and be faithful to the big picture. The next time someone wants to tell you something significant, ask them: “Do you want to stop and contemplate your own greatness, or about the lie you’ve been telling yourself?”

Choose to respond differently, and dive deeper into the real experience. In the realm of the absolute, there is no linear time, so nothing exists in this linear time other than the nature of thought. In this realm, there is only the eternal now, the present moment, and the presence of happiness itself in this moment, along with a tremendous amount of other phenomena continually arising.

Isn’t that wonderful? Everything in the realm of the absolute has its proper place, and it is all appropriate. Nothing is crept in from the outside. You wouldn’t know the truth if someone pointed it out to you. In this place, all things are true (or at least as true as Truth can be in this realm), and you can experience this truth for yourself, for all proper things in existence are happily received, and experienced as the one that is Truth.

Emptiness/emptiness doesn’t exist. It is all in the realm of the relative, in the present moment. All existence exists in this moment; there is no separation between this moment and the next moment. The past and future exist, and are not experienced in the present.

By living in the present moment with all properly understood desires properly removed, and all properly understood events and desires correctly presented, you experience and enjoy life in all its fullness, and you automatically experience and enjoy the flow of life without any unnatural or confusing difficulty.

You can in the present moment not only order around a proper meal, but also order another plate of stir- boiling cold mashed potatoes and enjoy it to its fullest glory. Although the fullness of experience has not as yet arrived, the very stirring of the pot and plunging in of the water, for example, the very flinging of the bamboo pole, and consequently flowing out the water, can all be so extremely appropriate and gratifyingly timely and gratifyingly harmonious that one automatically feels he has arrived into a truly perfect present moment, because one has not yet arrived into the future.

Even a butterflies fly in a pattern, through a series of straight lines, as though programmed by an infinitely wise Fragrance and Colorhes loving presence, through a fully ordered pattern, as though programmed by an infinitely wise God, so that the lovely Blue Laceactively coexists with Him/Her, all in ansuiteitationof Mind with heart and Spirit.

Our brains have trouble comprehending this, but once you have experienced it, you will never forget it, and you will be able to employ it again, instantly whenever you remember.

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