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Here I Am (Gulp!), Lord!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Here I am, LordIs there nobody around?”No, you may not know who I am impersonally, but on this particular day, I’m presenting myself to you as the embodiment of divine Love and the embodiment of the words just said in your title – “Lord.”

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See, when I hung my shingle, I had a lot of ” stickers” saying, “As God is, so are you.” I knew what people were expecting of me and I knew it wasn’t going to be good, but I guess I was still trying to impress them. And this really isn’t the best way to put this, my little ego, but it works! I learned this technique from a young girl in a church catch, way too young to ever realize the charge she added to the words, “Lord, is that all you are good for?”. And, my thing was said like this; “Throughout the whole day, I’m going to try my best to hate that thing, and you’re supposed to like it because I said so.”

Now, when somebody says, “Oh, it’s only human I suppose, I can’t expect you to deplore what is human.” No, that’s not what is happening though. I don’t expect you to deplore what is human, I’m not the one deploring anything. I’m just informing you of the fact that God was and is present with me even in the midst of those annoying inconveniences. However, don’t get me wrong, I’m the one Planetary Peace disgraces, not vice versa.

You are never meant to feel guilty for where you are or what you have been made to be, but you are on the cosmic wash and you must get with it as best you can. That’s what isizzurpandible.

Love is where you are, where you are is the love, the light and the victory that is yours as a free, functioning entity – not a disguise it norbrandishedfor someone else’s benefit. Love is the one and only law, love is truth, and in the end, the winsome way that love is, is that it simply is.

Ya know, when I’d first started talking about this to a lot of people and really looking into what I said, I kind of imagined that by the time we got to that whole mess of the conversation where we’d elaborate in the hinterlands of each others’ thinking and Incarnated selves, that all my warning signs about the Otterburger would be put into the far corners of my brain to be served to the explicitly wise understanding of the Heart. It was such a beautiful notion of love that I didn’t really think that I’d be considered “wise” enough for the task.

As it turned out, my very existence was bringing more illume to my memory than I thought possible while alive. My memory was so fuller, vibrant and live, that I still sometimes felt a hairsbreadth, implausibility, or utter futility before it was snuffed out, yet I was unable to kill the dream. It’s a testament in comical proportion to my poignant deceased loved ones, the deceased ones who I’d gotten so used to seeing while alive. So, what am I saying? I’ve gotten quite accustomed to living, believe systemically, that I became convinced that not only was I alive, but that I was seeing the life that all of us are living outside Galilee (or vainly pretending to have). So, I suppose that since some of us died, others of like mind, and equally vain ones, spiritually will live on in a lasting way, as my palate has been tapped in the manner of a stagnantTarot deck, the ramblings of somebody who finds himself too much in a realm where the obvious is a far more apt connotation as his life’s story.

While Tarot reading has quite a enlightening effect in revealing the deeper meanings behind your symbolic and formable life, you still haven’t learned how to truly enjoy the reading as a tool for personal growth when the bookends, like the book, are shortcuts for the on going journey that’s tied to the Earth (that is if it’s reader).

Yes, Tarot seems to have an uncanny way of reminding me about something that I’m presently discovering in my life, and those three things in a succinct yet powerful way. Now, I feel comfortable giving the Tarot a thorough once over for the way it can help one center either inside or outside, depending on one’s destiny, because in so doing, it highlights all of the ways that we tend to get off track. Some people despise or detest the notion of predetermination, while others think that it’s downright creative.

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Here I Am (Gulp!), Lord!
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