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Help With Prayer – Who Do You Actually Pray To?


One step toward enormous growth in prayer is to begin to notice what you pray about. This is not so much the theological question of who you should pray to, but more the question of who you actually pray to.

In the old covenant, assuming you were a believer, God had a variety of who He said He was going to use to mediate His intercession for the ones who came to Him in prayer. One of those who He said would be used to help reconcile a broken relationship with God and bring back the children of God was… His Son the Savior.

Consider what happens when you use that relationship to seek your Father’s attention. The outcome can be either quite good or devastating. You see, God is always there when you pray to Him, but He very likely will not be there if you continue to pray to someone else.

Do you…

Who do you actually pray to in prayer? Or who do you actually pray to when you pray? What do you consider your greatest need in your life? Or what do you consider your greatest need? And why? Or keep asking yourself this question, especially if you feel burdened in some way.

Perhaps there is a predominant theme in your prayer life. And that theme may pre- suppose some of what you are really praying about. Let’s say, for example, that your greatest need is a need to be connected to the father who has the ear of every one of the Most High. There is a lot of evidence in the Bible that suggests that our Father makes that choice for us, and that we would reap the results of that choice.

Do you prefer to settle for a relationship with your father that’s loosely based on your father’s will? Or would you prefer to begin a new relationship that’s based more on your own desire to be connected to the Father, and more importantly, your desire to be completely FREE to pursue your dreams?

There’s nothing wrong with either perspective. Both allow you to experience a Jesus-like freedom to pursue a life that’s awesome, exciting, and a lot more meaningful. You see, when you think about your needs, you’re sending a request to the One who is able to meet those needs. And, as that relationship continues, God finds it interesting and fulfilling to consider your request, consider the ones you are asking are already in his possession.

Of course, you also have to take into account the limitations that come with any relationship. After all, if you were to obtain a windfall, you have to also accept the challenges that will befall you if you take this path. These challenges may be simple or complicated, or may take the form of little or big challenges, but the Golden Rule still stands true: Thou shall ask in faith, without any condemnation, and thou shalt receive thy answer.

If you become friends with Jesus Christ, God begins to consider you friends first. He loves you as much as He loves His Son, Jesus Himself. As with any such relationship, you will have to work hard, because you want to please your new Friend as much as He wants to please you. He is a friend to be treated well, and not just to be treated like a servant. As with any servant, you will have to greet and address him as such, and in doing so, you will have to treat Him as your real master. He will make you his true slave, and you will have to yield yourself as a faithful subject to His rules.

Do you want the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus intimately, and exploring the profound ways that He lives in you? Or would you rather settle for less, terrified by the thought of struggling against an unseen force so that you could be free to do the things that He demands? freedom is really all about Jesus and freedom of expression, and that means allowing yourself to be vulnerable both in thought and action to the One who created us.

Well then, as much as you can. Do what it is you desire, knowing that Jesus himself has desired it. It is a good and perfect day, and your perfect day is the day that you decide to be fruitful, a productive, and lived in freedom. Thus, fruitful becomes your choice, because what you use your time doing, believing, speaking, and helping others for, is a good use of your time. What you do for others, you will also do for yourself.

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Help With Prayer – Who Do You Actually Pray To?
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