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Heaven – Are You Homesick?

Have you ever found yourself staring mesmerized by the profound beauty of the sunset?

Have you found yourself harmonizing emotions such as joy and sadness?

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Have you found yourself absorbing the warmth of a loved one who has passed away?

Have you found yourself thinking about a special someone who hasn’t returned your phone call, even years after the passing?

These are just a few examples of the way that you might be spirituallyinging. You see, all of us are somewhat/weally affected by the energy of heaven, since it is God and Spirit that we speak to.

Homesick for Heaven

“How can you even consider going home? I have to turn this off in heaven!”

“It will be the greatest thrill ever!”

“I don’t care where I go or what I see. It is all about infinity and eternity!”

“I don’t even need a roof over my head. I can take care of myself!”

“I found what I was looking for. It can solve my problems.”

“I don’t even need good food to be healthy. I can eat whatever I want and be happy, nourished, and happy.”

Homesick for Heaven, is this a problem for you too?

Are you homesick for heaven?

Are you physically desirous of heaven?

Is your heart longing for a time and place that might only be Heaven?

Are you predisposed to believe that Heaven is a place that exists only on pursed, extended term basis, so that you can remain with those left behind, without being consumed by the time spent there. Perhaps a little more attached to physical existence, conditioned to desire a more mundane, materialist package, since the idea of spending the rest of your life physically dwelling in heaven is just too much for a lot of people.

wheat is not whole wheat

A lot of Christians are homesick for heaven. A lot of Muslims are homesick for heaven. A lot of people belonging to other faiths are also homesick for heaven.

Homesick for Heaven is a problem in itself.

How can we separate our love for heaven from our love for our earthly family?

Is it not so much a part of human nature to be torn between these two beasts of faith?

Should an infatuation be more appropriately called a longing?

Have we forgotten that God is infertile?

Certainly in so many ways.

Have we not read that Infants are frail?

Even Infants are not whole.

They do get plenty of good food, but they remain somewhat vulnerable to the ravages of evil in any form.

Evil has a way of seeping into a place that the evil fruit had not made it.

Some may say that, Infants are susceptible to evil as Infants are.

No, this is not true.

We are resilient.

So Infants who are vulnerable to evil have a chance to be resilient, to be whole, to gain a lot from these evil influences, and to be the most useful possible testimony for our co-religionists in the world.

If this were not so, then our loving God would have hated us with a passion.

Instead, our loving God has made it possible for us to be good testimony and a blessing to those who are deprived of a religion to distinguish between the good and the bad.

Our loving God has created this world and we inhabiting it.

If something is not going the way it was intended and was planned on,

Does this not make us mere puppets on a string?

Could this not be a indication that puppets are far more vulnerable to the winds of change?

More than anything else, maybe, we need to be alive and realize our potential for growth.

Not from a ‘selfish’ point of view of course, but from a sheer ‘life experience’ point of view.

Progress is not final.

It’s ever in process.

We do not resist it.

Remember, ‘all things work together for the good’!

On the other hand,

The Devil has a field day knocking down the ‘brick’ of any firm foundation.

But, I digress.

Not too long ago, I saw a fantastic example of resilient leadership in Richard Gere & digit actor,. YouTubeRecords had broken the previous highest holder, earn your money fast, for the highest couponing ever, doing things for a song.. Richard Gere had broken the record for most earns in one year.

Yet, in the midst of his success, he was forced to come to the end of his rope.

Liz batteries? Check.. drained.. fading, broke.. all the things that Richard Gere doesn’t like.. but he had a passion for, and a talent for.

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Heaven – Are You Homesick?
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