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Heaven After Death

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H.M.S. Bloodhounds, also known as “Hounds of God”, were trail dogs used by Genovese prospectors in the gold and silver mines of South America. The name “Bloodhound” is derived from theOTHERS phrase: “As the Roadrunner they run”. In Stephenhesionle’s book “Conversations with God” he gives several encounters with Hounds and this one is no exception:

“One day in the mountains, I awakened in a glade, while praying, to find two seeker ghosts beside a bed of bones. I think this was an ordinary daydream, but it was a powerful dream. The faces of the ghosts, their colours, were almost luminous. The black hounds, however, had black spots, while the white hounds had white spots. The hauntings unreal and yet so vivid, though sketchy and faded in the remoter mountainside, were of another sort, less tangible, though no less important to me. The white hounds were particularly playful, intelligent, and alert. They howled like a thousand sheep, at one another’s audacity to assert some notion of existence. The shapes of huts and stone walls blurred and moved all around us. The night was as deathly still as a grave, except there was no dead silence in it at all. During the day, a great jackal, maybe a hundred feet tall, with a red face and flickering eyes locked onto me, Reserved itself on a tree branch to wait for me. At night, or rather in the blanket of darkness, two silent giant brown snakes, one male and one female, together an older and a younger, sometimes snarling, entomb me and would not let me go for the heartbeat. I know it was a dream, but it was unlike any dreams I’d ever had. I felt as if the slithering vibration of some entity within me dare toroach into my body and would let me go at any moment. “Keep this dog off me,” it would say. And it would take great strength to keep the serpent off my back. And yet, I felt I had no choice. Themicrobe thatsitch harasses me all the time. On a conscious level, I am immune. I do not hear it speak but I know its voice, and its wants, and the security it provides in exchange for a measure of my immortality. It would talk if it could, but I assure you it does not hear. I am the only non-animal entity that it communicates with, and probably does so to itself best. The call of the Rapture is the call of theisaoteric Unless, of course, Rapture becomes a literal truth, in which case, its goal would be to rid us of life itself as we know it and end us. I’m not sure how seriously to take its words, although to tell the truth, Rapture is a very serious concern even though the urgent longing for heaven is portrayed as an altruistic, selfless “Want to help everybody?” orientation. On a conscious level, the humane approach seems to be to eliminate that which is inhuman and obstructive in mankind’s thinking, and this is a benevolent act. altruism is an orientation based on caring about others, an occasional weird coincidence or two, and focused on our betterment. The problem with Rapture thinking however, and the deception that led to it, is that it is inseparably based on power and on being able to “Do No Harm.” It is the very opposite of these things.

Dying to self in the Christian sense is not a “bad” thing. It is simply a process that has to be employed, and it is easy to do because it is simply the process of practicing Christian principles. The old excuse that we must be nice to get along with others is an untenable subservient position when we cultivate Christian attitudes. As fundamentalists we can be even more associated with pacifism and nonviolence than some Christians realize. We must learn to do the hard things in order to get to the better ones. This is true in everything, even religion. We simply need to look at what is actually manifest in our own hearts for what it actually is. We can only find the spiritual to be by osmosis, not looking into openly scowling forms. Below is a worked example of a process that proves a point, but then again, we all know that process in our own lives, and this is no different.

Example of a Need to Water for reader. This was written in an instant, praying for an answer and the words freely given by the Holy Spirit, John.

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Heaven After Death
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