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Healing The Shadow Identity

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“Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself.”~ LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN(1889-1951)

THE SHADOW, in Jung’s view, is the unacknowledged part of us. This unseen part of us masquerades as a self-identity for which we strive in our spiritual striving and we tend to reject our spiritual experience because we do not understand it or it does not conform to what we believe to be our desires. The shadow is both the ultimate unconscious work of archetypal change – the metamorphosis of the Seed of Existence – and the work of illumination, which implies change from darkness into light. The shadow is the seed of the Universal Creator in all its myriad forms, and the work of illumination implies transformation of this form by bringing into the light, meaning fulfillment beyond the needs of existence as we know it.

The ego, as one aspect of the self, includes the capacity to see the outside world as realms in ourselves separate from ourselves, and to feel separated from others and from ourselves. The ego’s purpose is to create degrees of separation from one another to empower us to seek power, and to ensure our survival as a self-aware organism. One of the keys to our survival is to ensure that our separateness is both imagined and experienced as being real. As beings with physical bodies, we believe in the idea of individualism, which is the fundamental sense of self as distinct from others, and to an important degree this sense of ourselves is genuinely objective.

As a result of this kind of belief, the ego places significant demands on us. It insists that we must have the right to exclude others and to judge them, to hate them and to separate ourselves from them because they don’t have the same beliefs, ideas, or values. As a result, the ego is very slow in its evolution. It takes a long time for the ego to develop, mature and to gain in power and to force changes. In the process, it forgets that the whole purpose of our development is to broaden our understanding of the whole universe, including our own identity as well as that of others and other life forms. The ego’s vision ends being limited to us seeing only our isolated selves and our separate selves as the cosmic whole, and instead it seeks to understand and to relate to everyone and everything as a part of the oneness of the greater universe, rather than seeing them simply as an expression of our own small perspective of the greater Whole.

The natural development of the ego, however, is to absorb its input and produce its results in the physical existence and life process, rather than seeking to understand and relate to the much larger and more complex realities. The ego’s slow development was deliberate on purpose by the creative energies that created physical life and this is a natural process that did not have to be and that did not have to happen. If ego consciousness was required to create physical objects and events, then other means of concretization would have been used. Those means that utilize known and readily available resources and those means that create independent universes by their own hand are quite different processes than those used to concretize physical objects. The conscious universe is the product of the process of concretization, where objectivity and impartiality of outing is an overriding characteristic. The process of concretization creates objects that have form and may possess consciousness, but the consciousness itself is neutral and is not Client or Uncle, so it really is not possible to have an opinion one way or another about specific constructions. In concretization, there is no distortion and disorderly causation that is present with physical objects, and they all seem to be created out of “the purity of the Creator’s Mind”.

Conceptualization of the many universes, fields, dimensions and fields can only be explained in the context of a Creator God, who not only created everything directly from energy, but also Everyone and everything existed prior to the “created” manifestation from those energy fields into physical materializations. Einstein described this in detail, stating that presumably everything in the universe has “eyes”, it knows itself and everything it creates. At this, one must ask why the universe is made up of onlyEnergy prime causation, why atoms, why molecules , why cells? What force takes what form of particles and molecules? When we answer this question, we will discover the “creative” energy force that permeates everything in the universe and is the source of everything that is. Another question that can be asked is; If everything is inherently consciousness and energy, then how would a mind of limited knowledge explain this?

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Healing The Shadow Identity
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