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Have You Felt God’s Power?

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His disciples were travelling along the road to Emmaus when suddenly, they saw a man walking off into the distance. They were surprised because they never saw him before. Soon, he had turned off to the side and was now walking in the direction of that vision.

Jesus knew immediately that this was the Holy One of Israel. He used that fact to his advantage in telling them, “He whom you do not Follow, he will forbear”, because they had all of a sudden forgotten who he was and where he came from.

The power that was visible in that man’s ability to heal blinded him to the need for the anointing. The mere touch of the clothes being placed on him was enough to heal his sight. Jesus explained to them that because this was happening in their town, he was able to do so on the Sabbath, the day that is holy to our Lord.

When the gospel writers tell us about the mighty works of God and the mighty works of God’s angelic servants, they are both referring to the work of Jesus. Jesus was the birthingPower that brought many honours and positions to him. He is the one that gives us the strength and ability to do the work that he has given us. Without him, we have no hinderance in doing the work that he has called us to do.

When the book of Revelation speaks about the outpouring of God’s wrath, it is a reminder to us all that failure in our own efforts will result in suffering and punishment. We will not outshine God by human striving and achievement, but we can honor and celebrate the Father’s grace by doing the work that is required of us, by walking faithfully with the Lord by day and by night, as he leads us and guides us to fulfill the mission that he has called us to.

(1) Romans 5:17-21 (The Bible)Verse 17 – We use this term as if it were human emancipation, slavery to sin. Actually, it’s a more accurate description of the situation. God had a plan for each person which he imagined in his mind. His particular plan was for them to be reconciled to him – to bring his two-fold spirit into the world. Since the very beginning, sin has been present; and so God had to escape from the darkness of sin with the help of his son, Jesus, who took the nature of man, and went to be sin for us, by becoming a human being, the very nature of God.

So God had to become a man – just as Jesus had to become a man. And to do that, he had to become the son of man by becoming a human being. The plan was for man to receive as many qualities from God as possible and for these qualities to beSharers in his life. First and foremost, God was to be understood as a divine person, caring about each and everyone’s relationship with himself. He was to be a Father to all. Second, God was to be reveretly loved by everyone. Both of these ideas were going to be the foundation of what God was going to do in the life of each of us.

However, as they say, the good news is that Grace covers the rest of what we don’t understand. Therefore, what was to be the work of God to bring these qualities into the world could be instead called God’s Grace. Grace is unmerited favor. You do not earn it. It is given to you from the moment you sin. Jesus being God in human flesh, had to earn his way into the world. His birth was the most pointed symbol of all God’s grace: Who gave Himself for us, that we might live through him.

Only one thing is possible. Whatever God has to do to show himself to mankind, He has to do it. He has to do it through Jesus’ life example. In order to do it, Jesus had to become a man. He had to leave the heavenly life to become a man. This is why Paul calls Jesus Christ the “second Moses” – because Jesus had to become a human being to help humanity.

And what was Paul’s message? He told us to share in the grace of God so we could grow and help everyone else. This is a yearly event in our church calendar called the Communion of the Saints. During this time of the year, the church folds a special veil – during the Season of Advent – and hangs a shawl over their heads in order to symbolize their hope of Christian adoption into the family of God on earth.

Here’s a reminder on why we are here: God wants the best for us all. He loves these poor souls and sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for them so we could have the opportunity to share in His grace.

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Have You Felt God’s Power?
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