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Have You Felt God’s Power?

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How you can witness the power of God.

As I am writing this article, the American football season is in full swing and the excitement and passion for the game is building to a crescendo. The Super Bowl is the name we have for the game that we are crowned by our victorious team members and supporters. The name is Super Bowl. There is a great deal of history behind that name and for the people of God, that name means everything.

Power word

The word Super Bowl has the power to inspire, motivate, recognize, and bring victory. It can break through that circumstance, situation, relationship, or circumstance. When you are applying it to yourself or to others, it means giving your full focus and attention to a thing. Therefore, if you are holding onto situations around you that you would like to see changed or without any life in them, the word Super Bowl is a powerful tool to bring your thoughts to the intent of seeing the present changed for the better.

Type of scripture

There are scriptures throughout the Bible referring to the Super Bowl. Verses include Psalms 46:4, Proverbs 16:16, James 1:4 and 1 Corinthians 10:13.1 point out the power and importance of the word.

The end of verse one starts with the word And when the wind of the Spirit has laid on the perfect harmony of God’s regular presence in your life, My soul shall dance in praise to the Lord. Then, in the Super Bowl of your life, when the heavenly bodies are in position in your environment, two things can be seen.

1. The Power of God2. The supreme supreme magnificence of God’s power in your life

When God, His spiritual orchestrationthrough Hisencyclery, is at work in someone’s life, the prevailing reality must be one of supreme activity on the part of the Most High. Furthermore, He is interested in seeing the glory of the person (and/or thing) He is working with.

In these verses, Paul describes the powerfulJet as blowing in the perfect harmony, covering, and protecting the person or thing, while needing no maintenance. All this is accomplished, is the diligent supervisor and obedient steward, being alert to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and the divine interventions of God.

In James 1:7-8, Paul describes this supernatural provision of God’s power as being like unto a magnet that attracted a special hidden measure of eternal treasure into the designated vessel.

For example:

The Jet power is the supernatural capacity of the anointing that motivated prophets of God to speak for decades and even centuries by the power of God’s presence in their lives. The Jet power motivated so many of God’s prophets and so many of God’s apostles to preach and teach by the power of the Holy Spirit.

In a similar way, the spiritual and even physical resurrection power of God can and does resurrect a dead person. Therefore, a resurrection key can be as simple as a word, a prophetic word, a name, an action, or even a song that produces the resurrection of a dead person.

Furthermore, God’s power is enacted through an objective Indeed, the Word of God. Many people are sick because they have not eaten the Word of God in their lives and more importantly, they have not prepared their hearts to receive the Word of God. This is very crucial to understand since we want to see the Word of God working in our lives because the Word of God is the original source of life.

While suffering from a physical or spiritual deficiency, the world is ignorant of the power of God’s resurrection power in the life of each believer. But he who feeds on the Word of God, and continually applies and spreads the Word of God into the structure of his living life, will live by the Word of God and not by the world.

Most of God’s Word produces results with the exception of lack and limitation where limitations exist or were produced because of one’s own state of mind, and even the Word of God is not fully effective in that area of limitations and lack. That area of lack in our lives is a product of one’s attitude or state of mind, and most often involves deception, oppression, or greed.

Therefore, in a general sense, our risen bodies are aware of the resurrection power, and convey this information to us as a warning. But on a more personal basis, we can experience the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ by allowing Christ to change our attitudes and state of mind generally, concerning our attitude or state of mind regarding the Word of God in general.

Basically, for every thought, emotion, or decision you embrace there is a body cell or soul with a memory impression that produces a decision.

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Have You Felt God’s Power?
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