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Have You Been Bamboozled By The Mind?

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Being up against who you think you are is quite a formidable task. It is not a lightweight something to deal with. It is definitely in the heavyweight class of knock out material.

Realizing this “you” of you – which will free you up from being lost in the machinations of who you think you are – is quite a formidable task. It does not even matter what all this is about. It could be that it is simple, clever and outright mystical.

In short, it does not matter what it is about this that you are beginning to ponder.

As you are beginning to realize who “you” are you also begin to realize quite a bit about the mind that you entrusted to be a captive of your flesh.

The question remains. Who do you really trust with your life, body and mind?

For the one who does not know the answer begins toSimple to ponder the question for some time.

Some simple awareness will help you if you will but ponder the question for some time.

What do you trust about?What is the source of all your confident assertions about your certainties in life?What is the foundation of your confidence about the things you take for granted in life?What is it in your life that you are able to defend and maintain?What must you defend if the things you are unfamiliar with or have never thought about before in life?Where is your unwavering faith regarding the things you have always hoped to see in God’s word?What part of you trusts without question? What parts of you are willing to step out of your comfort zone for the greater good?

The one who does not know the answer to these questions is in the position to act in faith. For all actions are motivated by faith. That is why they are take. For the prophetic is confident that they will work.

If you are in the field of kingdom dynamics, I say, “Be in the field.” For in the field all those who are oppressed will be liberated. The oppressed will be free to serve the captors and themselves as they so will. A kingdom divided against itself is is a powerless kingdom.

Jesus said that there would be those who will serve him and those who will work for his sake. Those who are faithful to his purpose are in the field. The faithful are those who plant, tend and gather in season to the harvest.

Faithfulness is hierarchy. Those who are committed and devoted to the higher purpose are in charge. They are in charge to activate the plan of God and to make it work. They oversee the things that are to be done and they make sure everything runs smoothly. They work hard and long to ensure satisfaction of the plan.

You may wonder what people for whom God has given authority are doing in the kingdom. Those who have received anointing to be in charge will give orders and direct. They will also take orders from the faithful who have been assigned to specific purposes. So many people will serve in this way but won’t have meaningful authority. Those who have been infused with the power of God and the life of Christ (Eph. 3:6) have been given not only authority, but the gift of joy as a result. The power they feel that comes from God acts immediately in their lives. They begin to experience radical communicates and they become sensitive to the thoughts of the Spirit. When this happens they will often be assigned to work in the most radical shift spiritually. This kind of assignment can include both working in the kingdom while also working in the secular to make a difference in people’s lives.

The last stage of kingdom power is about fulfilling the Great Commission. After you have visited the kingdom and obtained your assignment, you are equipped to help the lost. God is clearing out the old so the new can come. After you have done this, you will then begin to work for God full-time. He will lead you into the next level of kingdom purpose. A prophetic person will be able to tell the future in the name of Jesus.

Though the year 2012 may be an difficult year to navigate, God is consulting you to do His work. He wants to do this work through you since it will be most profitable for you to do. Do not be afraid or panic. The wave of the Lord is upon the waters and He will bring His children to repentance. So pray to God today and ask Him to give you the courage to obey Him and go into the next level of His work.

An emphasis on the word “Repent” in the Greek means to change your mind, to return to God. It literally means to become a new creature in Christ as new creatures.

Did you know God’s children are born from water? water baptism is the symbol of baptism that brings rebirth.

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Have You Been Bamboozled By The Mind?
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