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Have You Been Bamboozled By The Mind?

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Being up against who you think you are is quite a formidable task. It is not a lightweight something to deal with. It is definitely in the heavyweight class of knock out material.

Realizing this “you” of you that is existing and survive in this world is a very vital task. It is the task that lies ahead of every single one of us. The task is to survive in the face of everything that the world will throw at us, because the world is provided us with the tools and knowledge to win most any battle any day and every mouth. The tools are mind, body, and soul.

The soul is the part of us that holds the faith and believe that we will be triumphant in this journey that we call life. The mind rationalizes and gives reasons and justification to all the events that occur because of the nature of the mind. It is the part of us that forms the conclusions, and reason why things occur as they do. The mind is the part that discovers the body posture and positioning in relation to whatever environment we find ourselves in. It is the part of us that puts all the pieces to forming those conclusions and reaching conclusions. The mind is the king of thought, the taurea or universal mind.

The body is the monarch of the physical plane. It lines up the legs and arms and the body to form a frame and then attaches everything to the body by means of a network of blood vessels and veins. When this frame is not in place, our body is vulnerable and one day disintegrates completely away. The body is continuum of what is to be. Our body is a unit and continuity is now found only in the mind. The king is all the parts and no where else. The mind is the mind, the body is the body, and the Taurea or the universal mind is the mind.

When one part is missing, the others move unknowingly as a part cannot be separated from the whole. The mind-body-soul is in unity with the Taurea or God. In order to obtainurity, wisdom, holiness, humanity has to live in continual communion with the holiness. This commuity is found only in the relationship of the threefold being of the universe-mind, body and soul. This is the eternal relationship of marriage. Marriage does not restrict freedom but it does prepare the ground for it.

When there is marital peace, one finds the free play of the parts free to live and act however they may. The Taurea respects the will of the other and does not insist on actions that would Impossible to accomplish. Marriage is the agreement of two people enjoying and accepting the union of love. The marriage of the body is the joining of two souls or the two suggestions of life form. The marriage of the mind is the joining of one idea to utilize the power of the other.

In time, all the Taureas or ideas of the God Form will reunite to one Samuel – the Christ of the ages. The thought of the universe originated from one and the same source. The universe is the greatest manifestation of the God Force. Universe is the form that God took for His own pleasure to express Itself. The universe is the space where thought becomes matter and reality. The elements of the universe were created by the creative force of God and sustains itself in the continuous action of the love idea until it becomes something different. The nature of matter is matter having positive or negative qualities and what the soul accepts as absolute and immaculate.

Abundance is the essence of the universe. There is no lack in the universe. The universe is even over fullest – absolutely everything can be found in it. The universe is a complete concept of the concept of abundance. John in the bible made the statement that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and that he had sent his only begotten son to earth to die for them.

The nature of our soul is unconditional and it frees itself from any condition that is called limitation. The free will of the soul allows it to roam free and without restrictions. The conditions of the body are artificial and are useful for some purpose and are subject to change when the nature of the soul changes. No limitations exist on the soul it lives and it creates whatever it wants to create. The conditions of the body are subject to continuous change and are useful only for some purposes. A human body has some limitations, but it’s design can change to any other if the need arises. The soul does not limit itself to one body, it can move to another body at any time. Once the nature of the soul changes, the body can also change.

Life is a multi-level phenomenon symbolized by the trinity of Gods that is conscious and is in relationship to the trinity of Gods.

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Have You Been Bamboozled By The Mind?
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