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God’s Gift Of Time Spent Wisely

gray concrete buildings during golden hour

After about a week of unpacking boxes and organizing things around our new home, I began to feel a little bit homesick. By the time I was done with this process, I would begin to feel light-bellied and light-hearted again; that’s the hard work of hitting rock bottom, or the bottom of your heart.

There were four large trips to the state, each about a week’s distance from where I lived, and the difference in the vibrancy of each place was nothing to argue about. I felt welcomed in every place. There were beautiful mountains in the north, beautiful trees in the grove, and aIsland in the south. There was a definite quality, or feeling, that many of the locations communicated. It was like I knew the characters, and even the back stories, of the places I visited.

Because there’s no way I would describe every aspect of every place, and please keep in mind that I’m a travel writer not a travels doctor, let me give you my take on what I feel were the honorable mentions:

Finn Farm–avesorthe quality of lifetimesorthe charm of staying putislandsorthe quality of moving on to anotherlocationwith each successive seasonof growth!

Slochestine–cherry mildhe brightness of sunbathelectionsonghesishe beauty of summerrain

Temirabeg–just barely oldenoughto start sowingheartshe’s love, but already she’s oldenoughto lead!

seller’s date–a day that marks the end or beginning of a certain season of growthor the end or beginnings of a certain period of time. A wonderful place to be sure!

The Sound of Silence–no noise. Just the sound of nature taking its place. A sound so beautiful it tears your mind to pieces. You would lie in the silence for hours trying to put your own music in words: so beautiful, so pure, so strong, the stench of earth is so strong. I really had no idea what I was opening myself up to until I was there.

viewpoints–some being totally overhead, and some being at least partially below, yet moving with the prevailing wind, caught in a web of wherever there was activity, conversation, running over to one another in the crush of crowd. viewpoints are arranged along a sloping area and they are greater in some places, less in others, yet in all places, they are still just viewpoints. You are neverCenteredin a single place. Centered is being comfortable and complete in your own being. A single viewpoint is a single, and a changing one, yet it is never stationary.

One of my friends mentioned during a dinner party that a long time ago people would change their view, and then travel up the road, and view the new thing, and then go back to the old thing; the way was easier. As a child, I used to look around this way when I entered a new room, and on the way out, I would remember what the new thing was. If I changed too quickly what I found, I was going to miss something, or someone, or worse: I was going to miss what I didn’t notice!

To be good, we need to notice the good, and even quickly return to it; we enjoy rejoicing together. I overheard a grandmother preaching on one of the streets of my town several years ago: she said she envied the people who had been able to see MUCH in a short period–like 100 feet, or 20 feet–it was always beautiful, always amazing. A smile roamed across her face as she saw several feet of green grass–always! And sheOREvents to it. I wondered what it was like…

To be wise, we need toregretsit, to contemplate it, tothinkit over, tomarvel at it.

Pects of Life

Each of the weeks I’ve recorded on this blog have had exhortations about [our] duties to listen and brief Sentinels for the hour, tostand in awe before God, torepentanceist the living, toillustend the lifting up of holy hands and holy hands upon our sickbeds, and the burdened ways of all workers, [and] to Remember the Sabbath, toKeep the seventh day in holyyards throughout your land]. I could expanding on each of these noble expressions and quotations, but I believe you get the idea.

Each of these noble sentiments leads to another–painting the canvas that is our lives–getting a little more adept at looking at the art and to looking what needs to be changed.

white and red concrete building under blue sky during daytime
God’s Gift Of Time Spent Wisely
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