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God Help Us

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Our heart is to give our love to God 100%. For we are all God’s children. The help of God is instant and can overcome anything or anybody that we may face. Help from God is forever without fail. This is because our father is the creator of heaven and earth. He has control on every living creature. So, since he loves us, he wants us to prevail in every situation and so that our smiles can fill the whole world.

For the Lord gives his help to the humble and discourage man, but the proud andthose who are proud to that extent, he deeply Rebukes.

Psalm Memor the Lord’s Name is a seal of remembrance on our life. It is hangings on our hearts and on our souls. It not only covers our personalities and Voices of our wishes but even on our footsteps.

The Lord is our confidence and our honor. He is our liberty and our freedom. He makes our enemies to tremble and our adversaries to be afraid of us.

His laws are patterns of ways and means to fulfill those desires of our hearts. His commandments and statutes are straight and narrow. He would compel and struggling with our tongue. He changes the heart of the simple and the lips of the wise. He also gives grace to the man as of infirmity.

It is the glory of the Lord that we excel others in doing His bidding that is most thrilling. This glory also involves benefits and profits for our obedience although we may not fully comprehend it. When we give testimonies of doing the Lord’s will, having received so many mighty blessings, then we would be greatly blessed have our works replete and abundant.

A knowledge judge does not judge according to what the material is. He judges it according to what the spiritual is.Knowledge judges:1. Prophecy- Our forefathers spoke this way, when Daniel wrote his account.2. Dist remission- It is a grant or donation of a favor, which leaves no doubt or dispute in the mind of theiever.3. Remuneration- It is a compensation that is given in order to compensate for some loss, sorrow or hurt.4. Gift of providence- It is a gift from God in answer to the desire of the heart of the believer.5. Order of the day of the Lord- It is a time set by Him to better the duty of an individual, the performance of an individual or the provision of an individual.

It is the word of the Lord that brings liberty to the children of God and righteousness to the Gentiles, Hear ye not? For in overruling the voice of the people and their commentators (quinters and exponents of the law),22 hath he employed and ruled with equity.23. Peace, judgment, safety, favour and sovereignty- By these words, He has manifested these qualities towards all who are grieved and terrified by His holy word. He left to them also the ruler-ship over the nations.

Moreover, the present declaration or decree of the heavenly majesty is manifest in your life if you really have eyes to see and ears to hear. To open your heart you must repent from your sins and cease from your wicked activities. To open your heart you must surrender your heart to the Lord Jesus. You must be baptized in water, the symbolism of which is given below:

[Scriptures follows the above headings]

God bless you all,

Reasonably and obediently speaking,

Out of the heart with a humble heart,

Willing and obedient to the divine will of God.

Now behold, what manner of conversation is suitably and respectfully addressed to our Father in heaven, this same Father that made Jesus, the one that called you and formed you and formed you into a manner of people before whom you must give account of your doings, according to the law and the rules given as a guide to human conduct and conduct and as a comfort to all who are heartbroken and terrified by the adversaries of your conformist faith.

Joseph surrendered his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. The above scripture expresses what took place at a certain time in the life of this man, as recorded in the book of 1 Corinthians. No sooner had he done this, he saw immense benefits and blessings mount up to him. Why? Because he lived a life submissive to the words and will of God.

He lived a life where he was surrounded with a group of people that believed in God, loved God and served God. This is what it means to be blessed!

Now, why do we need to be blessed?

We need to be blessed because it is only as we live a life surrendered to Almighty God that the blessings and goodness of God begin to enter into our lives and circulate through our lives without any effort on our part.

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God Help Us
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