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Give Respects To God


If we want to get closer to God or to develop our spiritual side, it is very important to give respect to God. Only then can we fully enjoy the benefits of having Him in our lives. Many people are partial towards God but do not give any attention to Him, not because they do not believe in Him or because they are ignorant but because they respect other gods.

We human beings are very unsatisfied with the way our lives look. We are not happy with the way things are going. We wake up in the morning and want to do something but do not know what. The idea of going to the gym or to a yoga class may satisfy our physical desires but they do not give us the inner contentment that we desire. It is important to seek to give respect to God who is the Maker of all things, the Creator of heaven and earth. When we respect our maker, then is the time to develop our spiritual side. When we satisfy the needs of the body then we are able to properly serve the Lord who is the giver of all good things in life. When we serve the Lord He will show us what he wants us to do for Him.

Unforgiveness causes bad karma; therefore it is essential to forgive others as the Lord has forgiven us. Forgiving people is a two-way process. The moment we forgive someone, then God Reincarnates this bad energy to the person we have unforgiveness towards. Therefore, if we are not prepared to forgive the other person, then in the course of time this energy will work its way back to us, affecting us in the present and in our future lives.

Good communication has nothing to do with the other person. When we deliberately cause pain to another, then we are causing it to happen to us too. Therefore, if someone returns angry or hurts, and we do not react, then we are the ones who suffer; either we will become the causes of their anger or we will become the victims of their anger. When good communication occurs, the other person has no other choice but to forgive us and become reconciled back to us.

Spiritual communication has much to do with the other person. It all depends on whether we are right or wrong. If we have a good Intuition it will always assist us to be in a better spiritual relationship with the other person. If we are wrong, then it will hinder us from being in a spiritually good relationship with the other person.

Some other reasons why we need to develop good communications with the other person are as follows.

If we do not forgive one another we will not progress spiritually. Since the other person is responsible for both of us’ bad behavior, we will have to face the problems we have created. We will have to spend time, effort and energy to become reconciled and make peace.

Life is all about unconditional forgiveness and build up between us both on a good relationship.

If we struggle with our personal issues and the other person has not forgiven us, then both of us should try to spend time together praying for each other and try to express our feelings and the other person. Try to take it person to person and have a little talk and see if we can find some common ground on this matter. Once we have expressed our feelings it is time for the third step of the process which is forgiveness.

The third may seem easier one day, and simpler than the first two, but as with anything new it can be difficult to make it through that time with the other person. When we become emotional it is much harder to maintain a relationship, so now it’s time to have a talk to see if we can develop peace and find a way to forgive this person who wronged us.

Forgiveness is the most difficult step in this process but with the right attitude and yielding spirit nothing is impossible to achieve.Once we apply the many layers of forgiveness to our wrongs we become the forgiving person we need to be and others around us see that as a person who treats others kind is a better person.

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Give Respects To God
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