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From The Unknown To The Known

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There is a path of knowledge whereby information can flow from that which is unknown, into that which is known. This flowing causes an inspiring vitality to be felt, the likes and depths of which is so overwhelming, it causes one to question existence.The unknown is actually the known, perceived to be so.

There was a time in my life when I was completely unknown, nothing known to me, and all this changed through a five year period of extraordinary spiritual development, during which time of my life I went from living on the periphery of the local community, to living within the community, to being very much in the know of the various communities and individuals, the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’.

During this period, I was directed upwards, and the local community in which I live is a good example of the surrounding community. So many individuals and so many different opportunities came my way, that it was an amazing period in my life. And yet, something textually distinct was happening, which was leading me to pursue a completely different path from the one I had been previously led into.

Something was pushing me up into a higher altitude. I was being led to that which was my true ‘way’ of leading life.

That led to much celebration and joyful activity, as I played with new abilities andiences, learned new things and discovered my personal preferences. At the same time it led me onwards, without shoving me upwards against my slower walk.

I found a happy mediumship and a lovely little community to hang out in, filled with lovely people. I breathed and laughed and learned much from these observations. It was nice having a space to gather together and discuss different aspects of different aspects of the human condition.

I had begun the previous cycle without really a clearly defined purpose or direction and I was pretty lost. During this cycle I float between these two realities, and during each cycle I encounter different people. I am either one of them or relating with them. There is some purpose to it, but I am not sure what it is.

These people are the people in whom I feel a faint but existing desire to just pour out my heart and share my experiences. Maybe they are telling me something.

Just out of curiousity I looked at one such person recently and was startled to find out that he is a community manager at a global law firm. I scoured the Internet and found him on one of their internal blogs, where he was posting links to articles and links to correspondences to high-quality articles in a number of legal areas.

These, I thought, are the people I need to get in touch with. This guy is clearly in the field I need to investigate.

I also heard from a community of people on faith- based forums. Interestingly, their conversations had a Based-on-HOPE (B incarnation) tone. This had a ring of what I was doing in the background.

I then started channeling high consciousness information coming through from the other side of the veil, into the world of 3D media with a pay-per-view service that allows one to select a movie, and then download it to do online video watching after it is finished.

Watching the movie, though, made it obvious that I wasn’t making it all up. The movie looks great, the special effects are fantastic, and the story line is powerful. I’m seeing and sensing a movie that is going somewhere. It has a beginning and an end, and is being creatively edited throughout.

I am far from being a great director, but I think it isHigh Conceptuallyfor me, and the story line has the potential to expand/confinity.

I am also working on an Inspirational Book that will have a strong content base. And I am looking at possibly doing a little bit of editing. I also have a tentative outline for a new song, and may record a CD to go with it.

All this is brand new, and I haven’t even hinted at where it will take me or what I hope to accomplish with it.

I have been asked in the past, “Who are you to write such a book?” I hope I can still be surprises.

Perhaps this is the real reason I am starting all over, so I can make things interesting and enjoyable for myself, and share them with you.

I would really enjoy reading your comments and suggestions.

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From The Unknown To The Known
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