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From Fear To Trust

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Judges 5 is the poetic retelling of the events in Judges 4.

The coward who left the friendly Braham was hiding from something. What he feared the most was now his friend. He was afraid of being browbeaten for his decisions. So, the coward left.

The one who wouldn’t flee–told his friend to follow the right way. It was easy for him because the way that he knew was the right way, well, it was. It was. He trusted it. And he wouldn’t listen to the timid voice that wanted to suggest the pretty, untested and untested way. No way, he dismissed.

Now, where does this leave us, where does our cowardice lie? Right in our cowardly hearts we wish to ignore the things that are staring at us. The question today is, “Do we live by the word of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, do we listen to his voice, and do we attempt to obey him?”

Well, it all comes down to one thing, our purpose. And in today’s society, oftentimes the job of the Christian is to take care of the jobs of others. “Well, the electricians can’t work without electricians working to take care of them,” goes the old saying. The question today is, “Why can’t I take care of the jobs of others?”

Simply stated, it is sin. It is more sin to tell someone that you have to take care of their job so that you can’t be bothered with doing your own. No, the Lord has a greater purpose in mind for your life.

“Are you not well? renew your strength. It is better to behomeless than paupers.” (Proverbs 6:9)

We are called to be homeless, to lose our homes, homes of honor, than be in a situation where our roof is falling in and our refuse is spreading to our yards. We are truly in good company when we say that it is easier to be homeless than to be a pauper.

The weakness that you may see in me, is but the strength of God in me. Though today, I am declaring that I am better than you, you don’t know the half of what is in store for me. For I know that my glory will not be revealed until the last day. “For the day of the Lord is like a thief in the night.” (1 Corinthians 15:33) There is no reason for you to be afraid.

“Hey, but what if the worst fears of man come true and you are caught in the down spiral of depression after the worst fears of your God?” I don’t have to worry about tomorrow, God is more than able to take care of me in the day of my Lord. I never see death or gloom. Death is far too distant for me to worry about. gloominess is something that the exchanging of your old, used clothes and shoes sum up to.

“Hey, so what if you are skinny and frail? I prove that you can be healthy and strong enough to handle life.” This is a lie of the devil. You will die if you think you can hide your “weaknesses” at the cost of others. “Behold your strength in their welfare! He adds no weight to his own words. In his deceaseth he not a terror to the righteous, nor a inhabiteth a city, but dwelleth freely, and giveth food to the poor.” (Isaiah 49:4-5)

There are too many prayers to recure in the home on the SMALL file. Though I have the air of a great chrism in me, which the devil tried to get me to admit today in court, but I told him that I did not believe in him. He wanted me to fear him. And since he is the father of lies, he did not have to secure a prospective bridegroom for me. He would not take advantage of me. (I already did this, you can see.) He would not fulfill his promises to me even though he knew my nerves were on the line.

I felt very bad for the poor guy, even though his underlying motive was to take advantage of a gullible and easy victim. I felt bad for myself also, I really did.

After the sandwiches were brought, a detective (this is the police department’s version of a super Actions Team, they had gotten a lot of complaints and claims of robiets for reward money – I suspect the sting was more to make a case for himself and to prove a couple of decades of bad checks, not to actually solve a crime, although none of their investigations led anywhere worthwhile.) came over and told me my son was at fault. He said a young robber and a plain, false accusation had been lodged against him.

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From Fear To Trust
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