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Friends And Relationships

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Categorical Imperative: It is neither moral nor ethical to treat a person as a means to an end, but to treat the personal as the end.Emanuel Kant

This is my list of the top 5 number one qualities of a friend.

1. Uncompromising commitment to ethically run their business.

This commitment has 3 preconditions.

A. Protecting business owners from deliberate wrongdoing.

B. Providing true product and service with true compensation.

C. Providing value with anogeneous mix of high-quality product, service, value, and price.

2. Eternal dedication to the principle of their ethical behavior.

This dedication has 3 preconditions.

A. Protecting employees from deliberate wrongdoing.

B. Protecting owners from deliberate wrongdoing.

C. Protecting product and service owners from deliberate wrongdoing.

3. Strong ethical character.

This person has:

A. A sense of Right and wrong.

B. A sense of responsibility to their peers.

C. Statistics show that 80% of behavior bias is not known to the effective staff at work.

Therefore, the ethical behavior of the person is as good as his or her commitment to their existing customers and to their staff.

A. Development of both.

As staff grows to understand client needs, this person’s behavior toward their own staff grows with them. Beyond simply doing the duty, the effective staff will seek to develop high performance skills.

So, if a staff member has the following 3 qualities, he or she will be ideal for your organization. But, if the person has only 1 quality, he or she will not be as effective as the ‘best’.

Inter alia, human capital is the ability to recruit and develop people and also the means to do so.

operationalize it through coaching and support.

Human capital is the capacity to acquire knowledge and skills and to apply these skills. coaching can help human capital investment in the form of coaching monetarily or in the form of providing coaching to the organization itself. It is like capital appreciation for everything a person brings to the table.

In the short-term, coaching can help build the personnel to be better able to serve the organization.

In the long-term, coaching can be in the form of investment through free coaching. E.g. If you are offering free coaching to any organization, you can be sure that it will yield a good return on the investment.

It is this simple!

[ Conscious business creation using team members that are properly equipped to fill the unique skill sets needed]

[ Become totally immersed in a problem and find solutions using the unique skills that you have]

There is a lot to learn and much to master, there is always room for expansion, so never a person is wasted, especially in developing world-class leadership and strategic insight.

9. Mentors and collectors

Earnest, sincere, enthusiastic gurus are the best mentors and financial supporters for the youth and emerging adults. These people are not looking for a business or financial increase for their lives. These people are inspired and energized by the genuine desire and urge to improve their lives. They inspire because they are genuine. You can always trust the word of a truly dedicated mentor or collector. These are the people whose hearts desire is to see you become a happier, healthier, and more prosperous person.

10. Personalized, individualized, wise direction from which to live your life

A wise, inspired, enthusiastic teacher can make life very pleasant for you. These are the people who have a lot of patience and are ready to teach, keep and inspire you. A lot of the inspiration for new ideas comes from these types of people. These are the people with a lot of humility and are ready to take risks to introduce you to the things that are important to you.

All in all, our life as human beings is something to be savored, enjoyed, cherished and loved. Whatever our life is, it is a precious gift to us from our creator. Do not be proud that you are living your life the way you want. Learn the right things and live the right way on Earth. Then you will be the person who is grateful that you had the opportunity to be born into the given gifted environment.

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Friends And Relationships
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