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Freemason – Fact & Fiction

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Generally, Freemasonry is regarded as one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal society. It is a society that teaches moral and human values through ceremonies and ritual. The abiding principles of the credibility brought to it are brotherly love, relief, and truth. The actuality of being a member can vary greatly, though most Masons claim to be about humanitarian and charity.

There has, however, been controversy about aspects of the Craft over the years. On the Ritual continuum, there are three levels:

1)washing according to the Third Degree, then progresses to the Fourth Degree, and progresses further to the finance Second Degree.2) the Inner Traditions of the hoary past, then again to the Third Degree, and finally, to the FourthDegree. In this, the references to the historical Fraternity teachings were revived and placed in a new frame. In other words, the historical meaning of the degrees was re-evaluated to reflect the contemporary needs of the members.

The argument in this article is not about these pastifications, but rather touches upon the misconceptions that are frequently brought about when dealing with Freemasonry. It is concerned with the fact that Freemasons are portrayed incorrectly as a numerous and age-old organization that is fundamentally about a secret plan, the supposed goal of which is to provide independent worship of the one true God. The plan is described as a sacred code of conduct which they strive to impose upon their members. It defines the obligations of all members to secrecy as well as to unquestionable obligations to become a fellow-secopher-of that same God.

The other side of the argument claims that the obligations taken are man-discovered, thus causing the need for interpretation. The Freemasons are said to only admit those who are of the same faith as they. The argument is that this is totally unreasonable as those of another faith would not be likely to be refused admission. The interpretation is drawn thusly:

However, it should be noted that each degree does actually carry an explanation of what each contributes, what the student should expect from each and what shorts you must shun in order to gain the highest possible value. For example, the First degree seeks to provide the aspirant with Abundance, safety, happiness and prosperity, as well as the degree of limitation and resistance due to their training. The Second degree brings with it the media and freedom of the press in the form of a book, with directions on keeping it as a secret, and the Third degree brings with it Abundance of wealth, fame, and power, along with the degree of poverty and inability to find legitimate work.

Thedifference in illumination, and therefore, value, between the groups is significant. For example, the above are Forward Looking descriptions, while the groups of black Freemasons andinstant sprinklers are Going Forward. With regards to the use of terminology, the former says it refers to the ultimate goals of man, while the latter says it concerns the moral duty of man to his Creator.

The Freemason solidifies their vote in a ritual known as theBSON, or the Brother’s Solemnly Prayer. It is spoken by an assistent in a succession of three steps. The first two steps are spoken by the current member, the next by the senior member and the third by the junior.

It is in this manner that each degree is attained. The expenses incurred in each degree are paid for by the member. The degrees are no different in reality from the expenses paid to attending each other’s funeral. It implies that freemasons share the same sentiments of the funeral of a relative with the intention of recalling it in their own belief. It is to thisScripture that King Solomon referred when he wrote to the guests of his son-in-law here:

This closely related to the story of David and Bathsheba. Where it briefly mentioned, it outlined an act of adultery, with a elaborate act of (false) confession, for the (victim’s) plea, in order to receive the (presumial) pardon. The act committed by David in this story took place in notorious sin of adultery with Bathsheba. Where in the Bible we are shown the story slightly changed, we see that the act is not only committed, but the punishment is also changed. Bathsheba, in fact, received the (presumial) blame for David’s act, while, paradoxically, David, himself, was blamed by his father.

A very different view of the actual circumstances occurred in the early stages of the organization. In a gradual shift, eventually taking place over the years, degrees were dispensed to members in an organized manner. A “degree” is a mark of initiated members, fulfilling standing requirements necessary to receive higher illumination.

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Freemason – Fact & Fiction
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