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Forgiveness And Consequences

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If we want to dismiss or soften the consequences of our actions, we must employ forgiveness. The law of grace does not wait for someone to acknowledge something wrong. If we apply the truth of the gospel to our lives, an attitude of repentance and justification by grace opens the door to God’s forgiveness.

If you cheat someone then you should not expect to receive anything from them. Cheating is mental as you pretend that what you are doing is legal. But if you gratuitously, consciously reject an opportunity, or fail to respond to something, then you ought to know that you are placing yourself in a state of believing you deserve no better. But do you know that your soul will be weighed and measured according to the responses of your heart? Perhaps you do not even want to be part of the family of God. It is better to do the right thing and receive the forgiveness than to go to bed angry at them. But how does one receive the beauty of God’s forgiveness?

We need to acknowledge the following truth:

A.The pain and sufferingGod allows for our lesson is entirely for our benefit. Why? Because we are in control of our choices.

B.The heart represents the mind’s request for answers.Faith in God involves listening for the answers from God. But our freewill demands that we must acknowledge our fears and doubt. When we have those doubts, then God has no place to answer.

C.Forgiveness for the otherPeopleWe need to release those people who caused us pain in the past. Almost like a first vanishing act, our former unloving thoughts demanding to play out the scenario in our minds, causing us pain, has no place to go and cannot play out on us. It is better to dismiss the past as past, in light of the truth that there is a new kingdom that has been manifested in our lives.

Now that we know these things, when we get concerned with people we tend to only consider their positive attributes. But those attributes are deceitful. The truth is that those people also suffer from unresolved issues and they may even be the same ones we are speaking about. But as Christians we are called to look beyond the circumstance of the past to the truth of the present and we only get one shot. Others are under the same veil. It is better to keep these things in mind when we begin to focus on them.

5.Forgiveness toward oneselfIt’s easy to render forgiveness toward others when we know we are being forgiven. But God takes this a step farther and grants us forgiveness toward ourselves. The pressure of the world to get things done and the desire to be successful in our endeavors can be overwhelming. But when we look inward, just as Pontius Pilate, we begin to see that there is much of our own suffering that we have been carrying all our lives. It’s not until we recognize this fact that we can begin to forgive ourselves and let go of those problematic emotions.

These five sure-fire steps will help us to forgive and let go of someone even before they ask for forgiveness. Once we know that it is God’s will for us to forgive ourselves, then it will come much easier to give that forgiveness to others. We have been given the ultimate gift – life eternal. All we can give is life. Life without forgiveness is like death. We all deserve the best answer in accordance with the Word of God.

Remember, everyone has freely forgave me and continues to freely forgive me; not because I am a gracious person, but because I love them.

– restitution (T-J)

Everyone deserves to be forgiven. But here is the difference. Before you can give to others, you must first give to yourself. I have been forgiven much, but I have to do the work to receive forgiveness.

– united (T-U)

Forgiveness brings reconciliation. It is unselfishness to simply allow another to be who they are and be on their side. The person on the bottom of the totem pole is often on the side needing the forgiveness most.

Open the door of your soul and free someone by forgiving them.

– determined (T-D)

It’s not until you are fully determined to be who you were created to be that you can even begin to forgive yourself. Until you really want to be forgiven, you will be hard pressed to fully forgive yourself or others.

– patient (T-U)

Patience is a virtue. It’s diligence and perseverance in the going forth of life towards virtuous ends. In this way, having been put to task, overcome your angst to be patient.

– balanced (T-U)

Respect is a virtue. It’s diligence and perseverance in the way. It is not letting yourself be deterrent to the actions of another or instilling fear.

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Forgiveness And Consequences
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