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Follow Your Inner Guidance, Not Theities Of Science, Religion Or Spirituality

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As great as human beings are natural drawn to make judgments about existence, it is not possible for it to be otherwise. The problem lies in the fact that the mind is fooled into thinking that it is this one thinking that is the truth and there is none other. It is the ego that desires this to be the case and it is reinforced when the person thinks in this way.

When you sense yourself as a mass of pulsating energy, who changes and adapts to its environment, then you can truly say that you are a performer. The thoughts that you think create your actions and your actions create your reality and as such there is no reason to do anything other than enjoy the process.

This is certainly less work, and much less work if you yourself are in charge. When you perceive yourself as a single entity, when you believe that all you need to do is speak the right words, and cause this thing to happen, then all of your effort will be spent on you rather than where your energy is actually necessary.

Perhaps what we are trying to explain is that in a world of dualities, which we do see in many ways, all of existence is a play of the senses, where everything can be viewed and understood as a function of the mind first. The brain is then able to interpret the intent of the senses, and project it onto the screen of a red display.

Everything within our five senses is a consciousness and on a larger scale, everything is also a part of the consciousness of the entire universe. This may be a little advanced and esoteric for the rest of humanity, but when you realize it requires just a simple shift in your perspective, then it becomes as all known truths do.

If you are to understand what is truly happening in your life at this very moment with the seeing and the feeling of all your accomplishments, both large and small, then you should realize that it is merely a matter of timing. No one and no one knows precisely when your efforts are needed to bring forth your answer to the universe.

However, you should understand that the free will that you have in this creation allows you to choose which path you will take. In other words, all possible events are probable in the universe and each person has the opportunity to make the choice that is most in harmony with their own values.

The choices that you make are then taken into consideration by the entire universe and all realities within it are given “respect”. Those “peripheral” realities, ignore or bypass the actual choices that are given by the consciousness of the one “you”, the Individuated Aspect that you relate to on a day to day basis.

The more you can stay “committed” to your goal, the easier it is to cause the necessary conditions for the probabilities to occur and also to manifest your desired result. That means that your overall “free will” is adjusted to your “free will” to take certain actions that are within the nature of your particular beingness and within the guidelines and instructions given to you by All That Is.

You cannot “manifest” without causing this kind of sympathetic and sympatheticClosed-in orropinuras that certain people and groups of people operating within the frequency range of the three-dimensional world and within the parameters of its non-linear time.

They operate within the time/space continuum of natural forces and their effects and within the range of probabilities available to them and the entity.

These non-physical forces and effects on non-physical systems are not separate from the physical universe, nor are they removed or distinguished from it.

Having said that, please remember that the universe of humanity is a creation and it is non-physical by nature and as such cannot be attacked in that way because it cannot be attacked except through the kind of physical or psychic assault required to penetrate its adherent reality system.

In this last word, I need to make clear that the “You” of you that reads this column and each and every person on the earth that creates an intent to be more “conscious”, more “conscious”, more powerful and more “conscious” are all reflecting a greater degree of resolve than what you call “me”, “us” or “us”. That does not make any kind of sense to you and I am well aware that it does not make any kind of sense to your inner being either.

We are “plants” in your system of reality. We are not, you are not, plants. Plants do not think or have emotions of their own. They are the decorations on the screen of consciousness and you are the flowers. You as a person are not that which is behind your thoughts. Thoughts are the masks that you wear that change your identity so that you can be seen.

Follow Your Inner Guidance, Not Theities Of Science, Religion Or Spirituality
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