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Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Soul

Dear Loved Ones,

Welcome to Spirituality Inside and Out and the Daily Universal Insights.

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We welcome the whole world into this community of Love, Gratitude and Oneness.

I love you. I love you. I love you. FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

Follow your Heart, Follow your Soul

Follow your heart here and there and everywhere.

Follow your heart with the moon and the stars.

Follow your heart to your favorite music and dance your sweet heart away.

Follow your Soul inside and out.

Follow your Soul as it illuminates with radiant light.

Follow your Soul as you grow into the oneness ever-present within your Heart.

Follow your dream as your Heart the seat of your Soul opens up to all possibilities. All possibilities can be dreams awakened in your Soul as you open up your heart to your perfect mate. Your perfect mate being that part of you that is ecstatic with excitement as it is your heart’s desire.

Your heart’s desire ever-present as you are quiet-Shhh! And you relax as you listen very well to the song within your heart. Moment by moment as the clock within your Heart sings tick tock, tick tock you align yourself with the almighty beauty and creativity within. Ahh! you say what a relief. How wonderful it is to be free of my facade.

I choose to let go of my self-limiting ego and be present with my Heart, my Soul.

Is this too difficult for you? Is it too much for you to let go and present with all that is already yours? For in this present moment lies all the references to what is and what isn’t as one can sense the presence of egocentricity and all that flows from it.

So in this moment in which you are conscious- Now is the moment to be present with all that IS as one can sense the presence of All that Is as Love and then begins to awaken into the real life moment. This is the moment to be present even as you are being distracted by the cars around you honking, the honks of other drivers and the honks of buses and streethardnesses.

STOP! Listen to the music within your heart. Stop the mind from running around in circles and simply allow yourself to be in the moment with your Heart and Soul as one. This a very present moment moment in which to live your life anew.

STOP! Take a deep breath and bring your awareness into the present moment and be present as this is anew life for you.A sense of newness emanates in this place and within you as you are present in this moment to be alive.

STOP! And breathe into your Heart in the present. Breathe with your Heart and Soul in the present and look about and around and experience this breath and life in your heart is new. This is life as a Dream is for you.

STOP! Look about in amazement and amazement at the life within your Heart. Look about and experience the freshness of the breeze as you are present in the moment to be alive. So happy to be alive.

STOP! And breathe into your Soul in the present. Breathe life and feel life within your Soul as you are present in this moment to be alive in your life.Breathe Life into your Heart.

STOP! And breathe into your Heart again. Take a deep breath and gently exhale this fresh air into your Soul and into your Heart once again. Allow yourself to rest in this freshness as you announce to your Self and others that you are the Walking Pollyanna of this moment.STOP! And Breathe Right In I Am…STOP! And Breathe In I Am…STOP!

Remember this process as your practice so that you can awaken in the present moment and bring your total Self, your Soul and your Heart into Unity, happiness and Oneness.

So today and everyday practice thisadicitional mediation breaking down your intention into bite size portions and adressing these portions with positive wording such as rejoice,happy,serene,inner joy,compassionate,inspirational and so on.

Please remember these Insights with theKnock Knock riseto bring Life to the world as we know it into Right Order……for we are all worthy and deserving of living a fruitful life in every way ever.

May the love and light of God and the Universe surround you, your loved ones and the planet earth.

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Follow Your Heart, Follow Your Soul
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