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Fear Intentions – Can You Have Both?

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The focus of my work and writings is on living from your Heart. I find that most people experience what I call fear intention, more on a subconscious level than on a conscious one.

That is why I created the statement above. As a writer I am compelled to explore what it is that we may choose to call fear. At the same time I am being guided to share the ultimate truth about who we really are which is Love in Spirit form.

I find that many Christians have a conscious and subconscious fear of offending and offending God through what they say and do. As a result they will put certain words up in their head, similar to an apostrophe (the letter “A” in your Bible, for example), which commentaries have taught over the years, that in order to be saved they must take down the “fear intent” out of their minds and work on developing the “heart intent” which is their authentic self as God’s children.

There is a great paradox here in that on the one hand these instructions show that perhaps the fear of offending the Holy Father is indeed some kind of phobia or something that is being triggered internally. Then, on the other hand, if they do develop the heart intent to be pure of spirit in all they do and say it would be to have no fear of what will or may come, then they will be practicing “heart intent” more and more all the time until they get to the point when they can go back inside and choose to do God’s work without having the fear of offending God.

Through the power of Yeser D31, which is the hand muscle weakness with which Jesus healed his paraplegic disciple, we can learn to crank out anything in our lives that we may have labeled asProphesyific Harvest.

That is why waiver of the False Hussein on our part is so critical. If and when we will make the choice to go back inside and begin to do God’s work, then this muscle can become activated by the Holy Spirit to stand up any doubt, fear or anxiety we may be feeling.

Remember: whenever doubt or anxiety comes up, ask yourself: Am I truly trusting in the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnipotent God. That is the key to Yeser D31 and the secret to being able to overcome every obstacle in our path.

All else or world problems will arise from what we have unknowingly believe and trusted in the Almighty. If the doubt and anxiety over our nation’s direction is not cleared up, then there will be no peace and order in the world. It will become a law of struggle and death.

Everyday,DERIVOKATION cleanses itself in the laboratory of your conscious awareness. On this particular day, Truth will not only splinter, it will be erased! The secret of the Golden Rule is revealed. You will become inspired, and inspired means you’re coming from the state of Being in which God and You are One.

Many of you are not aware of the fan, which is held in the hand of God’s messenger, Isaiah, and the Righteousness of God, and placed upon his head. This represents God’s directing energy, which is used to send the impulses of life from the Godhead, pouring through the individual who is to be “disarmed” of the mind, the mind being the “cell” of the entire body. In other words, when you feel yourself challenged, it is only so that God can direct the “aniel” towards the direction in which it should travel.

For those who have been so wounded emotionally, spiritually and mentally, it is too late. My experience with all of this is that you cannot recover what you have lost without assistance, and no person has the capability to complete what is needed on their own, however, assistance is always given to those who seek it. You could say that when Isaiah address the door of the temple and command that the anointed (Haji) come, they all showed up. Actually, though, the door was closed and many had blocked it, but it is only to be opened for those who are hungry to seek the Source of Truth contained therein.

“To be in the world but not of it” can be the most encouraging statement you could ever contemplate. To consider the consequences of such a statement is enough to make one realize the need to purify the human heart and mind, and fill it with the everlasting Ether of Life. This statement is not made in a negative way, rather, it is a promise which holds tremendous power for anyone who inhabits this Ethericized zone, which is essentially a consciousness in this very present state of being.

Fear Intentions – Can You Have Both?
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