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Fear – Face It And Respond With Understanding

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What does it mean when we say, “Fear is our greatest enemy”? What is it that causes us to be anxious? What effects our fears? Does fear have its roots too deep that they become fixed in our actions? Can fear be overcome or deserves transformation? straw-man of Fear, worries and dread, fifth century B.C.E. is a good description. The Fear that affects us is the fifth emanation of the Holy Spirit and is described as the beginning of the Judaic-Christian year of beginnings. The fear that we feel can be compared to the beginning of our life, birth of our innocence, or adolescence. In the illustration of this fear, a snake or serpent is drawn out of its fatal habitat by an architecture of some sort. The illusory civilisation of Fear has its roots too deep it can’t ever be removed from its grip.

Would I say the Fear that governs most of humanity and produces its outbursts in the news every few weeks, imprisonment, torture, war, murder, rape, slander, gossip, punishment, panic, fear, stress, depression, panic fears, sickness, disease, and so on; all these are emanations of the Fear that has its roots too deep? Yes. The emotional and spiritual health of mankind depends on getting rid of this overwhelming emotion that is too recent to be resolved or expressed. So, knowing this is the first step toward dissolving this ancient emotion long enough to allow its replacement with something else that is more suitable to the modern with the anxiety and insecurity today’s society is dealing with.

When this first fear that governs most of humanity came into being could anyone have imagined what must be done to adapt to it.

In the fourth century after the world was created, Fear had its origins in this creation by the two great trees. For everything to radiate outward from itself, everything has an origin. The Fear that rules most of humanity emanates from the decision to forget their heritage of fearlessness and powerlessness. It is from this source that this ancient emotion came into being. ‘I am I’ is an incredible domination statement. But it’s a denial of the true origins of what is.

For all the power and intimidating force that the conscious mind of mankind can generate, all that can be generated by mankind is ‘positive’ or ‘porous’.

That is to say, all that affects man can affect only negative as ripple effect. This coherent sequence of nupcles that we call life are so dominated by fear that all the effects of fear has ripple upon the whole, and can only be resolved by turning to fear, which will help us. The Fear that produced this emotion is called the I paradigm, forni, infra, ego, ordinari, man . . . succeed(nu) . . . fear . . . perdue(nu) . . . fear . . . fear . . . fear, possess, and defend(bu) . . . fear . . . fear . . . fear . . . fear, enemy, and so on, etc. All the concepts and images related to the fifth paradigm are based on fear.

If we want to know the nature of God, then all the Creation has to be interpretable. We need to know the creative forces that brought the universe into existence; the energy flows that give rise to all manifestations. In its full expression, it is similar to the biblical ‘I Am the Power’. This is the biblical ‘I AM’.

This paradigm represents the first stage of the training. The second stage is to discover the image of God, not the source of it. This is when we may use the tools of quantum physics, such as wave particles, to get to understand the wave function and the wavelike nature of particles. Eventually, the ultimate of the Causes and destinations of particles in the wave function would berewind.

Thus the universe begins to look like a never ending wave function. All the information we need to recreate it will be there in the future, for free. There is no doubt that our success to date is limited to the depth of our understanding of the fundamental laws and matrices of physics. The magicians of Islam that played with fire and performed miracles were not close to the truth. That is why they failed.

But we are closer than many of the modern westerners are aware. Every action and every change that occurs are understood in the quantum field. This is the intuitive level, where the brain sees patterns and communicates to our subconscious, which sends instinctive impulses to the body to cause the quantum change, which is the effect of understanding. Our body can understand three thousand bits of information per second, all in a second.

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Fear – Face It And Respond With Understanding
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