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Faith For The Non-believers?


Like most people who are fairly new to an area or certain topic, I tend to take everything new, new or different too personally. So it’s no big deal when a new thought essentially tells me, “Well, that’s just it, there is no way that I could possibly follow that.” I immediately pass it on to a friend (who is not really new to the subject but has been helping meunderstand) and simply say,”Hey, appreciate the point but I haven’t really gotten this either so I’m not sure what you areuding to but:

If I have to believe that to move ahead in certain circumstances, it means absolutely nothing to me to keep holding an annoying thought in my head, or to feel oh so very bad about how things are going.”

Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Jesus is teaching in the above verse. We shouldn’t make a big deal over what we think. In fact, we should be grateful that we have the ability to think at all.

The Bible highlights several different types of thinking. There’s reasoning and thinking, which is thinking factually; we look at specified material to see what it says. Then we can think creatively, using our imagination. Basically we can try to see the topic from every angle. Then we can integrate what we’ve learned by thinking it back into our lives in a seamless way. This is much more creative anduh- occupational( learner) thinking.

One of the best illustratements of this type of thinking is the story of theGood Samaritan in the Bible. He walked away from someone who had been beaten up (mentioned in Luke 10:25-37) and didn’t even have the time to say, “Hey! Thanks, dude! I appreciate it!” He had thought of that person, his family, his friends, and all of the other resources he could have used to help them. He had thought long enough to say “Hey, I done what you asked. I didn’t do it for you but I did it for myself.”

Emotions like this soar far beyond “wanting to help.” These are feelings that elevate real faith to action. A feeling that says, “I can’t even help my fellow brother or sister forget what things are like.” This is strong faith. The traverse of emotions to the word, “Forget.” How incredible is that? Surely that is the same as giving up, turning around, or throwing in the towel.

How strong is your faith? That is the question that we should be asking ourselves, aren’t we? Is your faith so strong that you can’t even remember the last time you felt anything like this? That’s strong faith, and it comes from a heart of unconditional love.

Do you think that every time you choose to feel ‘I cannot do this,’ it is because your faith disagrees with your heart? That you are using your thoughts to replace God’s love? Or is it that you are passionate about what you think and feel and are reluctant to override your thoughts with another conclusion? Is it the feelings themselves, or is it the consistency of what you are feeling?

Let’s not forget about the other type of faith.

This is the type of faith that says, “Forget about what I said…but I will still show up.” Or, “I will show up no matter what.” I saw a bumper sticker the other day “Don’t isolate. Stay interconnected.”

The problem with this type of faith is that it takes a lot of effort to stay interconnected. In terms of creating things, the formula works like this: learn something then wean ourselves from that knowledge. Then we use the new knowledge to create.

Sounds easy, and it is. But it takes a lot of effort. To continually show up, constantly Answer and Act (love and God) and declare yourself. To create from nothing but your imagination.

Ah, but one major pitfall!

While Timothy was Timothy and his walk with Christ was fulfilling, his walk was also hindered by his belief that he needed to act to be a witness.

Have you ever since that moment when you finally realized you needed to serve as a witness or witness, and you did it. Do you now have an inner need to act?Actions assist to determine the outcome of a thought.

This may sound basic, but most people jump right to the “Show up and be what I am” mode instead of enjoying the process of taking action, submitting to this divine call, and becoming a master of their own thought and deeds.

Perhaps Timothy took that lying out of his repertoire. In the process of learning to move out of his comfort zone, he was unable to teach his class in the way he had hoped.

While ” Strange Fruit does grow…”

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Faith For The Non-believers?
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