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Exploring Your Dreams Through The Exploration Method

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A method that dreaming is explored is the exploration method, in that you answer the question, “What is your dream?” Once you begin to answer this question, you begin to explore the different aspects of your dream.

The first step is to decide what type of dream it is that you want to study. There are many different types of dreams and once you decide which dream you want to study, then you start to learn how to interpret the symbols and the feelings within that particular dream. This is where basic dream interpretation technique comes into action.

This technique uses the basic interpretation rule of only showing you what is present within a dream, regardless of whether or not there is a particular meaning or purpose to the dream. The next step is to get into a routine situation in order to interpret your dream, preferably after you have already slept. This might seem strange, but as you can see, every dream is unique unto itself, and you will be able to interpret the dream however you see fit. When you are finished, you can pretty much leave your interpretation method behind and get into a routine situation in order to gain a more real-life experience of the future or whatever you may be hoping to learn.

One such interpretation method is thewellnessmethod. It is basically a meditation practice that results in you being able to feel what’s happening within you, and then being able to communicate with your inner self and get answers. It has worked well for me, so I thought I would share a bit about it.

To do the wellness method, you will need to be getting enough quality sleep, exercise at least 2 times each week, and keep a healthy diet. You should also practice this during the day, and only do it in the evening, otherwise you will lose valuable energy and clarity.

mindfulness practices are another way to improve your dream recall and engage in dreamwork. During these practices, you will notice that your dreams are much more “real” and you will be able to tell what’s going on even in the dream’s own language. It’s not 100% sure that these techniques will work for you, so I recommend doing a small trial run to see if it does or not. Meditation is a tried and proven method of dreamwork that works for many people.

I believe that the only way to really learn about the rules of the dreams you have, is to exercise them. Not just thinking about them. There is a difference between practicing and learning, and understanding. The difference comes when you can hear your dreams, and play the role of an observer. This will allow you to see the parts of the dream and become certain about them. Until you know the dreams business on a deeper level, you won’t be able to engage it and put your own insights to work.

A lot of the action in the dreamwork and interpretation process occurs in what’s called the super-consciousness field. It’s the stuff that all of our beliefs come from and return to in our dreams. The interpretation of your dreams will involve what you are willing to consider as the truth. It will involve what you want or don’t want to see happen, and it will often happen that your desires are what show up in your dreams, along with an explanation of why those desires are necessary for you to have them.

When you are done working on a particular dream, there is nothing left to do but to remember the dream and allow it to move on from your mind; but in between the epiphany of the dream’s meaning and moving on to the next step in the interpretation of the dream, is where your super-conscious “lives” the dream and gives it to you as an experience. The last step in the interpretation process is trash talking, which is a lament about something someone said or did that was too dramatic or too specific. It is an action that whacks you in the back so that you correct your translation of the dream. It is meant to be a gentle jolt to get your attention so you will pick up the elements of the dream and put them into greater context.

You will be able to watch yourself in your body at all times while you are interpreting your dreams. The shift from waking reality to dreaming reality is seamless. In fact, it is possible to live your entire existence as a dream for all eternity. Learning to take command of the elements of a dream and dropping them on the ground so that you can more easily experience them is an interesting challenge. One day, your true-self will write your epitaph for your gravestone, so that you can read it when you are looking back upon your life.

Over time, this will be a skill that is built into your muscle head.

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Exploring Your Dreams Through The Exploration Method
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