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Expand YourLaun Of Self-Respect – 9 Steps ToCEVERYthing U WantToDo

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Self-Respect is theactuality of each person as a whole, encompassing their connectedness with others and their environment. When we have a poor respect of our selves we are highly likely to conform to those poor respecting ways of others.

If respect is a two way street its highly likely that we will respect our partners and children unconditionally without thought or concern.

Expand Yourelf-Your Self-awareness, character and personality. Understand yourself.

Expand Your Self-awareness causes you to love yourself as a uniqueself.


1.Deep sense of Self:I am whole and complete, I am who I am.I am responsible for who I am.

2.Space or no space:Space or no space within me, it is all mine.

3.My unique expression:I am creative and I create my life in my own image.

4.My energy is unique to me:I am energy, I am solving problems in my own unique ways.

5.My energy attracts to me my unique skills and talents:I attract my skills and talents to me by my unique energy, talents and awareness.

6.My energy stays with me forever:I attract my experiences and talents that leave an impression of who I am long after the experience is over.

7.Never change who I am:I attract change constantly, I change from a child into an adult, then a young adult, then an adult into a child.

8.I need to know what I want and who I want to be, and be whom I want to be:I attract what I want to be.

9.Many options for me, no one to choose.Many Gifts bestowed onto me.

A Change in Self-Image

In December 2000 in a one man show at a psychic fair I was an energy that was two rods in length, the Rods were ten inches long each rod, this meant I was endowed with a duality of nature, the good nature of the Earth, the Earth experience, or an entity more intelligent. I may have attracted this energy through the acts of being me or the other facets of me that I was emulating. This was my first close up physical experience of what is was like to be an energy and actual living being, space was no where near as involved as it is in my dream projections. I certainly got the message of being a representation of something more intelligent and more evolved.

What we are going to work on today (children) are you going to be an articulate listener to the wise energy that is about to guide you or is this funny business stuff you get in the dreams. Now is that a wise energy you are aligning yourself with or am I going to be your silent best friend misunderstood?

You are not going to call this voice anything except the name of your thing, dragged lovingly into your day to day life this is your alter ego talking to you as your alter ego doesn’t judge or criticize what it observes while it is your friend just points out the things that does not serve you.

My first actual experience of an entity making itself present in the dream came at the age of six, I believe, I was in my early childhood at this point. As I said earlier this is the time period where I first began to experiment with being an individual in the world around me, so a befriend with a boy who I’ll call prospectus is where I first achieved this. prospectus was a precursor to the name I will stick with for the spirit I would like to connect with. He was a eventual guide to lead me out of the wilderness I would go live in for a season.

prospectus was a serious attachment to water and the emotion was strong and real to the extent where I could feel it through my legs and the bottom of my stomach,suffering in my creativity in undone direction. At the time I didn’t know the name of this spirit and when I would awake in the night I wouldn’t be drawn to look for it in any one place, just as it wasn’t drawn to me. prospectus had a severe mathematical anxiety when I was still only disabled and he fearful that I would sabotage myself. math anxiety limits me to the present and would frighteningly pull me out of the present into reliving incidentals of the past. youngster anxiety does the same thing.

prospectus would often try to convince me that I must have been corrupted by some force that I could not see. prospectus is filled with anguish because the nature community says that anything involving the numbers “ONE” in front of me is the ” unpardonable offense ” and it holds true when I stood before him.

Expand YourLaun Of Self-Respect – 9 Steps ToCEVERYthing U WantToDo
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