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Ego Vs Reality

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When you happen to watch the Joan form a twinkle in your eye, your laugh must send shivers down your spine. A twinkle is a sign of happiness or joy that you may be attached to in life and in my case, it is a sign of my ego. When I see a twinkle in my eye, I think twice about what will be happening at that moment. This usually expresses itself in a gift or happiness that I want to achieve or give something to someone that I care for, so I take the action of wanting to bring out the best in that moment, whether it is doing something good for someone, or playing with my dog. This is Ego-focused perception.

Since our Ego is the center of the identity we have, we are identified as being separate from reality. This perception is reinforced by experience in the external world that includes separation from other people and some parts of our world, as well as separation from God. As we experience these conditions, we develop beliefs about the separation that exist, both globally and also more locally. These beliefs about the separation create the ego’s need to be special. As we begin to look behind and examine the separation we have experienced, what we see is that the core of what we have experienced is the same. In fact, it may be the same as the people or conditions that we see in the world all around us, only more intense.

The world of people and things is a fantastic place to experience separation. To the ego, what is written about the world is all new and impressive and so I interpret it, the more I experience it, the more excited I am and the more I want to share it. When I follow what I think I am doing, I get pulled out of the experience and sent back to reality. I may think I engaged in linear tasks, but what is really happening is that I was a separate part of a greater experience. The separation is a wonderful thing to keep the ego alive in this world of people and things. For all my life, I have had the experience of being a separate “me” and this contributes to my ability to create my own suffering and joy.

I may say that what I love to do is create and that I am blessed with the creative ability, but what I think of as my gift is my ability to put words on the page and to allow Talks to occur. Accepting that as a believer, my faith has given me the capacity to suffer to the extreme. It has given me the strength to grieve and to kill. This is a label that society gives me, but I have choose to not give my circumstances the power to define me. I have gotten out of my comfort zone, I am doing less and I am doing them with a smile because I choose to be joyful in the challenges I face.

What I am going to show you is not that being religious is something that you do and that you will never get out of. What I am going to show you is that you have the capacity to live within a relationship with a creator that is truly and unabashedly spiritual. That is you ultimately. It is not and it will never be anything that you can change. You will not gain any more spiritual knowledge as you collecting degrees and credentials in an effort to become religious. You will not gain any more respect from your family, community, or anyone else as you seek to be this way, but you will remain the same authentic person that you are even if you go to another to try and become something you are changing.

A different result will be a more relaxed acceptance of things, an end to the chaos and the confusion, and a great confidence in the authentic way that you are. It is not changing your name, nor is it changing certain doctrines or beliefs to something that you are told are true, nor is it in a religious context. It is changing the judgments that you carry around, the ones that you have accepted in your mind, and in your heart, and in your spirit, and in your life, the way that you see it.

I think sometimes that the key to that key of why this is so hard for many of you is a simple one, and that is… you really are not that different than the people that you are trying to save. You are human, you have feelings, you laugh, cry, and even get angry, and in these things you have an identity. You are sinners, but also learned, loving, forgiving, patient, kind, and respectful. You are at least partially aware of the ones things that you do that are wrong, and the ones things that you do that are right. Sometimes you have the same fooled thinking about the ones things that you do, that you don’t.

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Ego Vs Reality
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