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Ego Is Unique Expression Of Infinite Being

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In certain spiritual schools of thought, we have been conditioned to think of the ego in a negative and limited way. But it is an erroneous mentality to think of the ego as something that’s unwanted and to be rid off for spirituality. The ego exists for a purpose and it’s an integral part of spirituality and the totality of being. To remove the ego is like REMoving the arm from its socket. It’s a desperate act for something that you desire to regain or something that you were once again connected with.

The ego is not wanted and certainly not wanted (indeed, none of us particularly like it and I don’t think we particularly want it either) and when it arises within a person, they may say things like “It makes my life more difficult” or “It stinks in here” or “I really can’t stand the look in that ego” and such like. Indeed, we do like to feel better about ourselves and the reasons for this are myriad. We may not all agree with all these sentiments but at least we do have an opinion at least as good as mine or as indifferent as it may seem.

Do you like to think of yourself as being unique, different, and unique? It is the ego that will prevent you from doing so as it will see you as essentially inferior. Further, it will see you as essentially flawed and so it must be addressed and removed at its source. Again, this takes a lot of work and attention to your own issues and areas of concern. In order to do this, you must first be willing to look at and address your ego.

TheDiscernment Processis an excellent tool towards achieving this and it can be used individually or in a group setting (discernmentference is not true reconciliation!). To use discernment effectively, it is important to learn the nuances of what your Ego is or what it’s purpose is. The discernment process can be rather succinct and is really only about 2 core principles; one being objectivity and the other being subjectivity.

The facts that are known to a subject are the facts that are ‘true’ or ‘real’ to that subject and all else is known to the subject, or ‘Objective’, and all else is ‘False’ or ‘ subjective. Therein resides the Ego. These two concepts if closely aligned, in turn provide a perfect platform for the process to occur and consult Atman.

If the Ego is the seat of ego then the entire universe is the Ego and so is the subjective and OBJ ( Objective Book) construction – all perceived things, events, memories and expectations of ‘Life Experience’. All of these are just Ego based information.

So realization of the Ego is in part, understanding that this same Ego construct can and does influence every aspect of the universe and life as you know it.

So now that we have this clearer understanding in our minds of what the Ego is, let us go back to the beginning and use the Banyan tree as an example for the rest of this subject.

In the tree, the roots are the physical, apparent facts of the universe and the sensation of life and decay or ‘death’ is the ego’s way of saying that a new ‘seeded’ experience is about to occur.

Now, let us break this down a bit more;

– The visible ( Objective Book) Book is the visible symbol of the felt birth of a felt idea.

– The invisible Book is the unseen, intangible, subjective Book.

Book Vs Book:

This is a bit of a disconnect but, as we will see, this is the reality of the situation.

The Book is the tangible, objective reality of the felt idea.

The Book is forged by the hands into the imperceptible light of day into an object of intelligence, choice and probable future.

This light must then be fragmented by the mind so that the parts may be referenced and loaded into memory for future use. The memory or nodded concentration plural (ie all knowledge of Book) is the fledgling sensual consciousness of Book.

At the split second prior to original formation, the tangible, objective Book exists as a particle or spark of light in the Mind of God. At this point, no Book has been formed yet, and only the Implicate Order or Book of Life has been formed. All other Book knowledge is in the unseen, unseen Book of Life.

In this example, no Book of Life has yet been formed as ‘All’ literally stands the entire universe in timeless, infinite, eternal and immutable law. In this frame of reference, only the eternal, timeless and immutable law of God’s eternal universal laws must be followed from cover to cover.

For the Reader Whose Mind, Ego or Consciousness is Hendrickson’s Hendricksonized, “All”

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Ego Is Unique Expression Of Infinite Being
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