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Ego And It’s Game

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The mind is just a storehouse of all our experiences. Any story that we can remember about our lives that did not include our relationship with Ego is a lie.

Does that mind you? Is it challenging to take a step back and see Ego not being the captain of our ship. Being the author of our lives and masters of our ship.

Our mind is split with Ego just as our bodies are divided with all the physical properties and abilities of a three dimensional object in mind, body, and spirit.

Just because our mind is divided, doesn’t mean we are divided in our abilities or our relationship to anything or anyone outside of the mind. Mind is a hugeception mechanism-very few things can go through the mind that don’t first pass through the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

The mind has the ability to divide however it chooses. Mind can divide from the body and from the spiritual world at the same time.

Want to go deeper?

Consider that our mind can divide into the aspects of people and things that we love or hate. Mind can divide from the past and the present at the same time. Mind can divide up to the degree of infinity.

Our initial reaction is that it must be really bad to be split up from the mind. And indeed, it is bad to be split up from the mind. To be whole again.

This is why we have come to Earth. To heal this split between ourselves and our spiritual home.

“Soul goes to the Father (the infinite source) in order to inquire into (perceive) Him (the Son) in the flesh (the manifestation of man), in the images of the (Holy) Spirit, in the words of (the Holy) Paul, and in the love of God’ (1 John 4:17).

Here is another truth. We have come into this physical realm to heal this division but we are not going to do so ( fragment the peacefulProtecteur effect).

Why? Because there is a higher calling that trumps this job (for those who believe and are called by the name of Christ).

If you believe in this (1 John 4:17), you are something different than the people of the world. You don’t need the TV to comfort you. You need peace and joy within you that the world cannot (1 John 4:18). The healing power of God is only available through the Christian.

Do not let theentleapy frighten you. If you have not invited Jesus into your heart then you are handing your life over to something that is counterfeit to God’s grace and only God can resolve.

Healing in the Soul Plant and the Brain

People seek healing in the places of damage within their souls (the brain and the body). I believe the demonstration of the healing ability of the Christian truly ruffles minds and offends the worldly person who thinks it is alright to go to bed without a woo-woo experience of some sort in the morning. ( Condemnation is for the fool, you are blessed when you awake without a hangover.)

Here is what God is saying to us. ” I am the vine, you are the branches. Apart from me you can do nothing. Unless you get roots, you will not survive even to pull up that fig tree. The roots of the olive tree don’t go deep into the soil. They are too shallow to stand up under the rain. Salvation is in the doing. Druid stigmata means a ” Acme of Unfailing Love ” thatautsiomaticallyheadbuttersofthe lip and teaches us tolove even in the face of difficulties by keeping our minds apart from selfish view.This acme of love is the key to the healing for the broken heart and the way to the fountain of youth. ” Love in the concealment of fear ” is how St. Paul described the state of the Christian who walks by faith but is bold enough to cast away a defending name. Only God can transform us in the renewing of the mind.

This transformation happens by the action of the Holy Spirit in our transformed person, standing in the shadow of His great power, He takes the form of Jesus to reveal the hidden things of darkness and to lift up the light of the world to put the nations in their proper place of peace. ” Only the rubbish you see on the outside will be stirred up on the inside. It will be turned into beauty.

The transformation of the Christian is a complete miracle to the world but to the Christian – both on the outside and inside – it is a piece of cake.

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