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Don’t Look Into The Ark

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1 John 2:22 And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.

In the movie, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, the people who tried to look inside the ark were struck dead. What was inside the ark that brought judgment to those who looked into it?

The Bible tells us that the ark held the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, the pot of manna and Aaron’s rod. Those who looked into the ark and disobeyed were condemned to be struck with a portion of the Book of Deuteronomy, and the punishment began with this law that was written in this stone.

Looking into the ark while sitting in the presence of God is still looked upon as a great sin because that is where the possibility of salvation lies. But just like the sons of Israel looked into the ark during the orchestra playing of the songs of Moses, we must be looking into God’s ark when we are in turmoil.

They did sin though, in that they looked into the ark and saw the forbidden books. But our sin is different from the Jews’. It is actually the sin of not wanting to be in God’s ark when a storm is blowing. The Jews didn’t sin though because they obeyed God, knowing better.

We have the ability to do both, but just seeing spiritual revelation through the eye of a storm is a much more humbling sight because it is the truth as God sees it. The storm is awesome and magnificent and it just awe-inspiring to see. But when we enter into the storm the clouds part and the eyes of our heart are clear and focused.

Staying in the storm and remaining safe from it is definitely not the same thing! Storms are intense. The earth is shaking, the mountains are crumble down to the ground. Sometimes the winds of storm can be so intense that it optical and we just see blackness. But other times the storm is so fierce, it explodes into whiteintelligence, and we know that we just saw God face to face. His eyes are everywhere. The intensity of the storm and the heat of the storm so intense that it blows all of the red candle lights up in the stands and sets the stage for the arrival of death.

Death is definitely the worst of circumstances. I’ve seen the heat waves rise and the flames of fire turn souls into ashes without so much as breaking a bone. Death is definitely the worse of circumstances. But even death has it good things: for one thing you get a rest from the stress and the physical ailment. The best thing about death is that to take a breath and see the whole picture again with new eyes and new understanding. Sometimes I wake up and just look around and see the beauty of life, and sometimes I look at my reflection and see the product of my soul, and the work of the imagination of my creator, and the work of God. I am in awe of life. The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes said that life is this wise (man) who knows his (little) boast and thinks it wiser than himself, and who also is willing and proud to let his (little) pride stand in the presence of his (little) enemies.

In life we face each other and are judged by our actions. We can look at each other in the eye and not see the speck that is not us, and ignore the speck that is not me, and walk around with a superiority that is the result of the religions knowledge. Or we can stay in the storm and see the splendor of God and the beauty of all that is all around us and influence each others while never allowing the chance of opening the floodgates of communication to God. God wants communication but not from his prophets, and not through the churches’.

There is more to see than meets the eye. There is more to know than meets the eye. There is a song that I love in the city called “A whole new world”. I don’t see what you see, and I don’t hear what you hear, I’m seeing something else

What you might see, I’ll cover under the weather, so won’t see or hear.

The song A whole new world by nothing more than the rain. because the clouds are all falling away and the sun is shining bright.

Now, my observation is that a lot of really religious people, and really spiritual people, turn their backs on the clouds and see the light. But a lot of religious people are also looking at the shadows for some reason.

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Don’t Look Into The Ark
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