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Don’t Get Lost In Christianity – 5 Tips To Avoid Confusion In The New Year

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With the New Year approaching and all the pieces of your life being unveiled, it’s never too soon or too late to start clearing the pathways of your past. Many people attributes a lot of problems they’ve come across or dealt with to the fact that they were not fully “churched up” as Christians. If your Christian walk is going smoothly, you can’t help but to feel indirectly responsible for what happens to you and your family members. So, don’t you think it’s time to start clearing someConfusionin the New Year, right?

scares people who have not explored deeper into their own religious beliefs. If this is the case with your family members, don’t worry. The confusion doesn’t have to be a permanent situation – you can turn it around with prayer and heartfelt efforts on your part.

What Did You Know That Gives You A clue?

It’s not just that you’re not being properly guided, but also that the choices you are making are not in your best interest. More than likely, God is not the source of your confusion. Many times, we get our answers for certain things we want to know about, from God, but for one reason or another, we haven’t been listening.

The good news is that you possess the knowledge you need to know about practically everything there is to know about anything. All it takes is a little effort to get in the habit of asking God what He has to say about any specific thing. And when you’re all the way there, even if you still have questions, He’ll answer you. All you have to do is take the time to meditate on His Word.

A Problem – A Must?

I don’t advise college students to forego college plans and live their lives without a traditional education. The intellect is still a very powerful tool and you’re most likely to be a better person by learning some stuff about what you would like to know.

But, if that’s the case then youselfis the most powerful tool you’ll ever encounter. If you’re not being all that godly in your actions and words, then you probably have a lot of endurance and a lot more baggage than you really intended to carry.

Many Christians have a problem with the endurance that they carry around on a daily basis and the biggest issue in the solution is theknowledgeof God’s Word.

If you’re a person that’s been saved by God and find meaning in the words of Scripture, you will have a greater understanding and be better able to overcome the temptations that you come up against. You will understand that the human race might not be the best examples of applying Biblical teaching because we still live in a sin-sick world. It is easier to be victorious over trials and tribulations when you know that what you’re doing is approved by Christ.

When you have a problem, you can be assured that Jesus is not going to allow you to be defeated because He declared that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you what HeDemands.

If you’ve come to the point in your life that you want to know more and continually grow, you’ll be edified by God’s Word and start tohearthe voices He’s speaking straight into your heart. You’ll be driven to study, to seek, and to repent.

Another way to solve problems is to seekSolomon’sguidance. This simple advice he gave the son ofghai was one that he valued and still holds up today. “Know the Lord your God and you will be establish. He will never fail you or abandon you.”

If you don’t know God, don’t even dream of trying to know Him. Do your homework!

Esurance denying Christ is a terrible way to live! The best way to know someone is throughtheir words. Unfortunately, many people consider silence as the best way to know someone. But we all have different ways of hearing God andairexplains what He’s saying to us at any given time through different means.

God wants us to hear His voice through His Word, no matter where we are. I’m sure someone told He’s too important to hear us when things got rough in our lives. That’s wrong. To hear God’s voice you have to humble yourself and lower your life into His hands, to get it wet with His blood.

If you passed a drunk in the street would you hope that the same person hears your voice? No. Of course not. Maybe if that person was very drunk.

Just how do we know that the voice of God is speaking to us, now?

You won’t know it if it doesn’t trouble you. But remember, God offers the best of all possible outcomes to those who are willing to hear and believe.

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Don’t Get Lost In Christianity – 5 Tips To Avoid Confusion In The New Year
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