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Does The Boogie Man Rule In Your House? (Part 1)

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For many years I had a bible study and until recently I would never read the whole thing. One day a friend asked me to read it to her and I decided to say, “No thanks.” She was so upset that I said no, I guess she could feel that I didn’t trust her to read the whole thing.

One day when I came back home, she was talking to one of her granddaughters and the daughter said to her, “Mom, did you know that the Boogie Man sometimes visits in our closets and watches us?” Well, I couldn’t lie to her and tell her that there were Boogers in our closets. Even though I’d seen the Boogers before, seeing them in a room was a brand new experience for me. I guess it’s just a thing that I could relate to.

The wonderful thing about Bible Studies is that they are so easy to do that many people do them for years. And like many people they do want an answer about the hard things in their lives, such as; money problems, car problems, children problems, relationship problems and any number of things that they face each day.

A traditional Bible Study usually motivates you to study the Bible and give you a very concrete start on what the Bible says about those things. But I’ve found that with our age of technology there’s less and less time to read the Bible, and the things in the Bible that are important to you today are at your finger tips wherever you want to go.

Not that the information in the Bible isn’t important, but time is more important especially for young children. So rather than look at the Bible as just a great book to teach your children, I’ve found that if I want to remember what verses are and what they mean, I’ll have to spend time with it, even if it’s sitting in front of me on a bookshelf.

With the amount of time that I now spend on the computer, reading online, Iym?essions, and other modern methods of reading, I don’t have the time to spend with the Bible. How do I read it and what do I put in it? This is what I’ve come up with.

Here are ten tips for reading the Bible through. These tips will help you:

1. Stay with the Word, not the words.The first tip for reading the Bible is to spend time with the actual text, not the words. Put in the time to just slow down and listen to what the text is saying to you and how it is tying in to the events of your life and the events of the day.

2. Count the Ways the Word is Connected to Your Life.Work on one or at least two different things at a time. One of the best ways of doing this is to find some sort of ‘gment’ (like a verse, or a key word, like in Proverbs it’s wisdom and in James it’s fear) and focus on it,create a picture in your mind where the two or more things tie in together.

3. Look for the ‘ loops’.These are places where the action and the conversation takes place. Consider taking notes of these and looking for other places in the text to link to.

4. Learning and Remembering the One True Message.Remember to always read through the Bible in one sitting and to look for the one message that it delivers to you in the context of the Bible.

5. Meditate on Where the Message fits in to the story.Take your time to read through the Bible and meditate on particular passages or groups of passages and decide what the message is and how it relates to your life.

6. Was the Author Engaging the text on purpose?Was the Author preaching, or asking his hearers the question in order to preach (ichidence)? What was the purpose of this message? If the message was about building character, was it necessary to say this particular passage in the Bible (like Psalm 119 – 2 Kings 6:1-4)? Was the Author using the Bible as a tool for personal salvation, self-improvement or prophecy?

7. What was the purpose of the author’s presentation? Ken whisked through the Bible looking for one particular passage that would tell him something. There is no reason to do this. You can find messages in all of the Bible which help you develop or strengthen your faith in God.

8. What is the main point of this message in the passage and how is it present in the Bible? Ken found one particular verse that he believes is so relevant to today’s society and so can help a man as he walks his pathway and so from this one text she has enriched his life and taught him so much.

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Does The Boogie Man Rule In Your House? (Part 1)
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