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Does God Teach You Lessons By Punishing You?

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This question is posed for those people who feel compelled to know the truth about the inner workings of God. Others who want to know more about the laws of the universe and their dealings with spirit, the angels and other dimensions. Most of them are looking for answers that they can’t find anywhere else in the Bible or in any other books that are religious in make-up. They are looking to know the truth behind the veil that separates us from eternity. This is the quest of those who really want to know the truth.

Any quest of this nature ultimately leads to the discovery of God. When man turns to the inner self in realization, the answers presented to him about the laws of the universe are based on his own experiences and revelations. This is where the science of mysticism, or the study of the hidden mysteries, comes to play.

The Holy Bible is the ultimate testament of God’s truth for mankind since its completion. However, the Bible stories are allegories depicting the truthfulness of God’s eternal personality. The original text of the Bible is also known as the ” submerging text.” The idea here is to compare the teachings in the Bible with the names, characteristics and actions of the personalities of God. When the names and actions of these God-like personalities are studied in the metaphorical sense, it leads to the discovery of the spiritual aspect of the Bible.

When the names and actions of God are studied in this way, it reveals something about the way the universe was created, the choices that were made before time began and the reason why we are here. This is also the discovery of the person of Jesus, the world’s most recognized and beloved spiritual personality.

The way this study of the Bible is done is open to those who wish to venture into this area. The Bible’s 12 chapters are not intended to be proper or complete histories of the land. They are purposeful to present spiritual truth that would stand up in a challenge to present-day readers. This is done by way of a study of the Bible through an interpretive lens, since the Bible is also more easily understood with an interpretive aid.

This examine of the Bible is further complicated by the fact that we can’t really know the meaning of the Bible apart from the names, actions and words of the people to whom it was first given. Also the concepts and connections of Biblical stories would hold greater meaning if further explored by an thoughtful and intelligent mind. Therefore this study is done with the assistance of several types of Aborigines:

1. A spiritual life of pilgrimage2. A study of the consent of the sovereign, moral and psychological character of Solomon3. A study of our own consciences4. Judgment5. Sacrifice6. Grace

The Purpose of a Spiritual Life

This study is further enhanced by two special conditions. These conditions are the result of two separate but inseparable factors. They are that the reader has an inherited and personal longing to know the truth and the promise of the Bible and the descendant of the reader.

The personalinnomething either brings the reader to spiritual life or it frees him to remain in life without spiritual life. This something desires the reader to grow through a religious experience and to know the truth of his or her own existence. It is thus the urge to read, know and obey.

As a result, the reader approaches the Bible and from within its pages tries to extract from the text whatever he or she can in order to know something he or she cannot yet see or understand. We could say this is the nature or the essence of a spiritual journey.

The Promise of the Bible

The Bible is written with a unique blend of symbols and universal laws. The blend of these essentially facilitates the reader to perceive messages or their interpretation from the Bible. This is why the Bible is widely accepted as a seamless whole, yet its layers are sometimesraphic.

The claims of the Bible are based on its everlasting character, the nature of God and His relationship with mankind, and His relationship with the universe. It is written this way because its claim is based on the way human nature is gradually transformed by its contact with God throughout the centuries, and the very nature of God. In this way, the Bible is a book of fundamental truths, not simply happenstance.

Medgames and the Eucharist

The stories of the Bible are not original. They are anortingof stories, compiled and arranged by a man named Moses. They were recorded and preserved by Jews for more than 365 years, during which period they were unabridged, very widely available, and read by anyone. Then they were written into a book by a man named Jerome, who admitted that he altered many parts of it. He also admit that he worked miracles.

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Does God Teach You Lessons By Punishing You?
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