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Do You Really Want To Know What Almighty God’s Number One Priority Is? Then Read On Here!

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Five thousand men plus women and children are supernaturally and miraculously fed from five loaves and two fishes and we read of this in John Chapter 6. All four gospels in the New Testament record this amazing miracle.

Jesus Christ feeds the 5,000 plus, and then we read of how Jesus slipped away when He realised that the crowd wanted to make Him king, for the wrong reason.

Do read the record of this astounding incident.

That night, when His disciples were in real trouble in the middle of the Lake of Galilee, Jesus Christ goes to them walking on the water, to rescue them and to see them safely on the shore.

It is always dangerous to sail off into life with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and yet millions do it.

It is now morning, and back where Jesus had fed the 5,000 there are people looking for Jesus, and He is nowhere to be seen. They are baffled. They are ferried over to Capernaum, on the northwest corner of the Lake of Galilee, and when they find Jesus they ask, “Rabbi, when did you get here? How did you get across?”

Jesus does not say, “I walked it”. They would not have believed it, even although He would have been speaking the truth. But Jesus does say, “You are looking for me, not because you saw the miraculous signs, but because you were filled.”

Are you only interested in a free breakfast? Have you only come to me because of what you can get?” These verses are full of question and answer; the questions of the people and the answers of Jesus.

The questions we ask reveal a lot about us.

A man reveals much by the questions he asks and the comments he may make.

Jesus goes on to say, “Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you.”

This fisherman, John, is writing deep truth here.

Ordinary food perishes, but God’s food does not perish. Get food that lasts for ever.

It is not what goes into my mouth that gives life. It is what comes out of God’s mouth that gives life.

Jesus is saying, I can give you this free, but they are not all that very interested.

Do you want a free breakfast? YES. A free holiday? A free outing? A free trip to theopping mall? A free trip on a luxury cruise? A free trip to the spa? A free car? A free house? A free rent to a relative? A free priority seat at work? Or a free job? If you want a free trip to anywhere in the world, you are going to have to pay for it.

There are those who justify their generosity by referring to the giving of monies as dividends.

Dividends are usually paid in kind, or in money, or in the case of the Roman Catholic Church, in Easter Eve. The actual giving, however, reflects something else.

The words that Jesus spoke are still healing our wounds and convicting us to want to give without expectation.

One of the central passages in the book of Acts is the passage where it is said that all the believers in Jesus Christ gave themselves to the work of the Lord, and there was a daily bread tax, or tithe, attached to that.

What did this tithe mean? People were basically poor. It was a matter of looking at the way people lived, and the state of society at that time, and seeing that everything was for sale, and then you see the difference.

The person who gives cannot keep the gift. It is given to them for the period of their stay on earth. It is a gift to the Lord and to the community.

It is likened to having a vineyard, where there are plenty of plants, and vineyards, and where fruit is grown, but the vineyard is not produce, nor is it for sale, because the investment in the vineyard is continuing forever.

When you give a communion service, or a blessing, to someone, you do not see it for your delight alone, for it is transformed by the love and nourishment of the recipient.

Even when we give what we cannot keep to Jesus alone, we give something valuable, because no matter what we give it will be returned to us.

When we act or speak assists on the behalf of others, we are doing what God loves to see and do, and He will richly reward that service. Passionate service and giving is an act done on behalf of God and man, and like money, it attracts back that which it was sent forth to.

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Do You Really Want To Know What Almighty God’s Number One Priority Is? Then Read On Here!
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