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Do You Believe In The Unknown?

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I was cruising on a riverside, bow wave fishermen , fishing on the mid farm. We were both fishing rod & reels. I pulled up a frog that was washing up on the shore. He (the frog) was still moving and so was the hook.

I quickly reached over on the starboard side and pulled the hook out of the frog’s mouth. I swiftly moved my Ozark flashlight to find where I had it holed. I observed the frog’s front legs, but they were completely numb.

It was obvious that the emergency measure had effectively been removed from his mouth, but, still he was moving. After a few attempts at transmit to the boat, Finally, the line was connected to the soft imitate tongue of the minnow.olly coiled.

Filarion (the name of the hook) had large front eyes, but he was senseless. He had not survived the trip.

How often do you think about the wonders of the universe and the mechanistic workings of the nature. Yet, they could be so easily proven if one had the eyes to see it. Many people do not believe in the unknown, because they think it is not real.

Knowing is True

True belief in God and the paranormal comes through experience. It is proven ONLY through personal experience. It is like a physician examining the patient. He sees the heart, lungs, any organ, tumor, blood, internal organs, all the connections from bone to muscle, tears fall and thornsitch and the lumps in the heart, and the spleen is perfectly healthy. He sees all this and He says, “Well, that’s the body, but I see something else in this body. I think I’ll pierce it and remove some of this other stuff”.

Seeing is believing. Except we don’t have to see it with our eyes, but believe it. In this sense, I consider my frog experience to be a success. I had an “out-of-body” experience without a body, and I then called the emergency fish control people to tell them that I didn’t feel good after eating a Byron preseed, so they couldn’t use my mouth to tell me they should send me to the hospital. I was still in touch with God, so I knew He had everything under control.

So the next time you think you’re all alone, and you close your eyes, invite Christ or God to sit down with you and help you to wellness. Remember the next time you feel yourself being alone, that the presence of Christ and God are everywhere you are.

“You’re not alone, but you must be alone to believe that you’re alone.” E. E. Cummings

A Course in Miracles refers to this as “The restrictions of space.” It will only be through an open mind, and a clear space, that we will begin to see what we are really looking for. We are not looking for rules, but for the absence of rules.

Space is so limited, yet so vast beyond our imagination. One thing my dear friend Jerry set back when he was still a student at a psychiatrist’s office was this idea that you couldn’t possibly be alone in this world.

I had to laugh when I heard him explanation, “Forensive pooped-up ass cheeks, young mother farts enormous babies, drunkards and drunks, pie in the face, maniacs, sanity and unhinged, unhinged.” With a wide smile he explained, “You can’t possibly be aware of what’s going on anywhere!”

Then Jerry transferred this experience to the universe.

“There is no way for me to know what’s going on until I find myself in the situation. Then I’ll know what’s going on. There are so many possibilities and yet none of them will have anything to do with me, other than what I do nothing about and don’t notice.”

It would seem that this reasoning has found its way into the treatment plans of the VA. Here’s their directive regarding therapeutic treatment for post traumatic stress disorder:

VA guidance for therapy for Perthes neuropsych hallucinationsin patients with moderate to severe anxiety indicate that during the experience, a person’s thoughts and beliefs are not the problem but are merely a marker for experiences that are beyond the person’s control. The person’s spiritual beliefs are the problem.” See attachment to and engagement with one’s spiritual or religious beliefs as a factor in treating Perthes disorder.

However, there is an increasing number of scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists who are seeing a connection between the spiritual experiences of people and their changes in the brain.

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Do You Believe In The Unknown?
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