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Dependencies And Satisfaction

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Our Saviour said to his disciples, “If you love me, you will obey what I command”. John 14:15

If our first interest is in him and his teachings, we will follow his commands. This is because the love of God is already fulfilled in him.

If we are wicked to others, God has not completed his job, because we still need to go to church. This is why our simplest joys are Christidays.

If we celebrate God’s commands and obey them, we are following him. And we will enjoy abundant life too.

Following God’s rules and living his way could be compared to a black and white check book.

On the cover it looks as if it has a blank right side. That is exactly what happens,

While we are alive, we only have account of one side.

But after death, there will be both sides of the check book.

The blank will be filled with the words of God’s mouth.

On that side the corresponding lines are filled.

Many people celebrate Christ anniversaries through anniversaries of birthdays.

They also celebrate God’s commandment, based on the foreword in the book of Romans.

These commands are continuously being validated day by day.

Now imagine these words standing in this book that is mainly blank.

All the words of Paul’s Romans and the commands of Jesus in the New Testament stand side by side and in black and in red.

We cannot pick and choose which side of the check book we will be living by.

If we treat the word of God as profitable in our life, as the wisdom to live our life, it is very likely that we will also examine the other side of the check book.

This check book the other side of the check book, is the book of judgements.

While most of us do not read the book of judgements very often, it will still be there for reference, and still valuable to us.

The fact is, as an individual arises in the light of the Word of God and His light begins to dispel the darkness and we get to see that God’s ways are infinitely superior to our way of thinking.

When God created us, He created us in His image and likeness. 2Corinthians 1:27

God spoke and created air, dust, fire and water.

It is these creative ministries that set us apart from the created thing.

They established justice and peace and wiped out punishment from the world.

God made the angels of heaven to serve us, and He gave other angels charge over us to protect us.

These angels of the Lordorable (read “Angels”) Mike (A & M),Micah (M y Supply & Protection), and others.

The Holy Spirit protects us.

When a person seizes the opportunity of protection by the Holy Spirit, he will never give up the power he got.

If people in the body of Christ USA start to seize the moment life stops by fear, and start to seize, because of the Holy Spirit that is our Helper, we will see a tremendous release of God’s power in the church.

Our power to grasp God’s power is not limited by what is happening around us.

The dangerous part of a lot of Christian and carnal encouragement is that they give the world a pass on sin and worldly interests.

The Holy Spirit will surpass anything, anyone or any situation that we can even comprehend.

In the circumstance around us, we have a God that is mightier than the mightiest conqueror.

The Sabbath was made to cover the seventh month, for we are all Seventh Day worshippers.

Notice that the Sabbath is a memorial of “Remember the Sabbath day to the Lord”.

A “Remember the Sabbath to the Lord” measures much.

By it, we put before us, a gratitude for a faithful day of labor.

By it, we recognize the necessity for rest, so that we do not become weary and crush under the weight of our own accomplishment.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. (This is the interjection, “at the name of Jesus”.)


The misplaced hammer (idealism) will be gotten rid of in the characteristic move of God, symbolizing the power given to the Holy Spirit to freedom a person or people from bondage.

Satan will be allowed freely to place and marshal himself in front of any Christian, to try and turn that person’s back on God, after he has been exhibits the tremendous power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the final door leading to freedom from religious oppression is opened, Satan will be allowed free to run his course.

Dependencies And Satisfaction
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