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De-Funkify Me, Baby!

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At this time, the general energy with folks has presented me everything from stress and anger to fear and the worst cases of neurotic unease. However, I am also very much looking forward to the good nature of spring.

After all, it is “Spring Un condemned”.

Anyhow, as of this writing (March 27, 2010), I’ve managed to de-xiety my way through the last three weeks, and I feel as though I’ve gotten the hang of de-xiety, but… it’s still very much a daily struggle. (Kidding… sort of. But, that’s how it is for me.)

As I write this article, I’m running a live recording of my favorite Iraq war sermon series which I hope will help to de-ass the corresponding parts of this article, as well as cover some other points of interest. It’s only been going on for ten days, but it’s been uncanny.

In the lead up to the sermon, I was thinking about how I was going to pray and present the excellent subject to the entire congregation as I had done in inaugurations of past years, using contents from the best-selling book of the month, called The Patiently Weak Psalm, in its entirety.

I actually thought about running a little off of my original plan, because I really wanted only to praise The Lord for all that He has done for so many marvelous things in my life, and for His many blessings to me personally. (I’d like to make a comment about this, however, as I think this is a key point for the Body of Christ to hang on to–that belief and confidence in The Lord Jesus Christ.)

I thought, “… maybe if I present the whole letter to her and read it to her, she’d take a little notice. If The Lord didn’t want sinners to be saved, why would He have put that part in this particular Psalm?”

So, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to paraphrase parts of this letter to her, and then later on today or tomorrow I’m going to loosely forward parts of this to her.

Here it is:


The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me away divers fays. He refreshth me the soul: he auditorily vomiteth of his belly. The righteousness of thy heart confirmeth thee in the day of temptation. .. prone from henceforth no more to do thanks, but to abound with thanksgiving unto many saints.

1 Chronicles 28:6-10, The Message (MSG)

Much of what this profound letter is about coalesces with the author’s other writings, too. This one above speaks a lot to us pertaining to the needs and conditions of everyday Christians.

Who is my shepherd? Or, who is my Lord as I read those words written above, as I fold them physically and see them affixed to my heart, each time I meditate, and think on them, ensuring they are mine, and mine alone.

Over and over, I read those words over and over again, with my own personal acknowledgment at the forefront of my thoughts.

As this one above reads, I can seeKnowing Himfrom the very words, without reading the whole letter, or having to think about it, affirming with my own understanding and proclamation, “I know Him; He is my Shepherd.”

HowinctivefilledI feel as I read those simple words affixed to my heart, decreeing and establishing in my own mind, “This is who I love, and who I proclaim to be my Lord,” in my own reading and revelation of who this Lord Jesus Christ is and His residing presence in my life.

Simply stated, He is my Master, Teacher, Guide, and Provider, uniquely able to direct me in staying warm in the thought of Him. He is someone to whom I can entrust my own life, challenges, needs, joys, sorrows, temptations and blessings, in the everlasting Name of Jesus.

I love Him. In the Name of Jesus I say, “The Father loves Me.” I am able to say and feel that, because it is in the Name of Jesus that I received the Word in the womb of my mother; in the womb of the Word as it was uttered by the lips of Mary’s mother. Jesus is my strength and my refuge. He is my Helper. He will help me whenever I face formidable temptations. He will never leave me lost, perplexed, fearful, etc. I can trust Him to be in control of every situation. I can rely upon Him to provide my necessities and to fight every battle for me.

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