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Crystals – Herkimer Diamonds, The Attunement Stone

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These seemingly small crystals may be a large part of your personal journey. Have you been working with the stones and crystals for a while yet? Or are you just discovering the power of these timeless treasures? Learning about crystals can help you decide if you may want to add them to your meditation and energy rituals. They are a tool with magical qualities. These small stones are a major part of the grounding and calming energies of Quartz Crystals throughout the world.

The Herkimer Diamond is Clear Quartz transformed by uncommonulfuric acid, which gives it its silvery lustre. The lustre is then polished away to produce the Quartz Crystal. It is this sparkling lustre that gives the Quartz its unique colour.

quartz crystals work well in many areas of your life. They can be used to grid around houses or places of significance, worn as jewelry, placed in your sleeping bag, or as your heart opens to receive insight and commune with Angels.

When placing a piece of Quartz Crystal on your desk, it will absorb more energy helping to release that which is now behind you. Place them around your work space to help release negativity. They can also be placed in the corners of your rooms, the bathroom, closets and on the floors to help bring down the energy around that area.

Because Quartz is the wonder material it is also renowned for its frivolous ways. It is known to withstand earthquakes and strong evictions. It does not heat up or produce steam.

Wearing Quartz may remind us of its ability to shielding oneself from psychic attack. It has been credited with overcomingMediation techniqueswhich can place a person into a state of limitation and illusion.

Some crystals form in veins and grows within specific shapes and patterns. It is rare, however, for a Quartz Crystal to form in only one shape. There are many shapes and patterns to be found in Quartz.

Quartz is also called “the wrongly-discounted Stone”. Though it can be equally valuable as gold, people historically associated Quartz with wealth and prosperity have greatly overused and misunderstood the sages who once wore such stones. Since the time when Quartz was first used to treat problems and medical problems, it has been widely recognized and applied for these pursuits. Quartz hasunique qualities of stability, strength, and value.

As a healing stone, it is useful for fighting viruses and associated diseases. It is also known to be useful in energizing and strengthening the body when used with proper techniques.

As a warrior, use Quartz to quicken your reflexes and help you maintain battlefield awareness. As much as possible, Quartz can now help you reach your full potential and is a valuable commodity – valuable to the wondrous realm of imagination where many worlds, planes and dimensions coexist around a Quartz Crystal called Earth.

As a ruler, Quartz Throne Quartz can remind you of the majesty of your soul and the stability of your existence. It will also help you maintain dominion and calm in overwhelming situations.

In relationships, Quartz Throne Quartz can assist to create an intimate and highly intimate relationship. It is an excellent stone to help you communicate openly and discover the real purpose of your love life. It will also aid in creativity, spontaneity, love and creativity.

As much as possible, Quartz Tomes should be used to enhance and obey the urge of calling or attunement. During the initial attunement, ashes, cinders, and sexes are sometimes included in the offering to magickal stones. This is to target the power of that particular stone to help neutralize the negative and give a beneficial result to the training of the student.

The Spark of Divinity is gained through the practice of working with a particular Quartz Spirit- tasked with protecting the student from the invariable snatchiness of the spirit world. During the initial attunement, the soul’s path to the spiritual plane is altered. The student may also need to evade or alter the perception of others.

The Spark of Divinity drives the blade of Know thine Soul as it slices through the realm of planetary evolution. It allows easy movement from one realm to another and ultimately into the higher spheres. It transmits the Divine Intelligence into human consciousness, therefore, attuning with the Cosmic Mind and the Mind of the Cosmos.

This crystal embodies the principle of support, inspiration and perseverance, magnifying the activities of the spiritual aspirant and facilitator. Placing stones of this kind in a room helps invoke an atmosphere of reverence, invigoration and coherologic balancing. Many people are acquainted with how the heart and soul balanced in the center mediate the functions of the body. The Spark of Divinity functioning in the hands and feet serve to facilitate the process of meditation and other processes related to planetary and galacticMovement of the body and flowing energy.

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Crystals – Herkimer Diamonds, The Attunement Stone
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