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Crystal Healing – Alchemy For The Body And Soul

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All healing modalities, whether traditional or alternative/complimentary, all operate on interchange with chakras, energy centers (or star gates) situated at the base of the spine (front or back). Each chakra is associated with a color and issues of either the spiritual world ( Abbey) or the material world (Abingay).

Although most people perceive that chakras are located only at the base of the spine, they are, in fact, physically and psychically present throughout our entire bodies. So diverse are these chakras that some have claimed that there are as many as 7,000 chakras! However, when you view a chakra chart, the trouble with some of them is that they are not easily visible. And usually, they are located hidden or difficult to reach.

However, despite their resistance to clear visualization, chakras can be seen without the aid of a chakra viewer, in this 9-step system. When served with the right crystal, even the most unsophisticated person can open to perceive their shadow wings.

The Thymus gland can more easily be visualized as a 2-dimensional icon located above the right eye. Although its color is “blue” and it is shaped like a blue flower, it is actually a pure channel for attracting “light” particles (in this case, energy) and accumulating new molecules to form new life.

The consubflame is considered a “love” symbol, since it is the inspiration (that is, meeting the subject for the very first time) for new love forms. The heart is considered the “heart” chakra, because of its strong association with love (unconditional love, not conditional love, as it is often portrayed).

The inspiration for the 6th chakra is “judgment” or “self- Comparison”. It is through this chakra that we constantly compare our self to others and to the object or situation Doing so can lead to separation (in this case, one’s thoughts often being directed towards praises or criticize) or to reunion (doing the same thing but expecting different results).

The heart chakra is responsible for our compassion (we cannot maximize compassion without first clearing the heart chakra, associated with the 2nd chakra), our sense of kindness (as indicated by theSCA statement, we need to love others “without expectation or attachment”) and forgiveness. We also need to love others just as dearly as we love ourselves. It is the center of judging and appreciation (and the root of resentment when they are done “wrong”).

The throat chakra represents our ability to speak and share our experiences. It is the center of communication. The next chakra after the 3rd chakra is the 4th chakra or the throat chakra. Although this chakra is not as “visible” as the 3rd or 4th chakras, it is still important to be aware of its importance and the tasks it performs in our daily activities.

The 5th chakra or the tooth chakra represents our creativity. It is the center for our dreams, our inspiration to create something new. The throat chakra “speaks” to the world of sensation, of expression through the written or spoken word. The other elements of the system, however, work more indirectly, through our various abilities and thus have more direct effect in our lives.

The 6th chakras are where our life force (prana), the energy that animates our spinal column, governs our lives and provides the basis of our experience of the world. It is the energy path for our life-force energy, which, in turn, creates our world through our thoughts and feelings. The most visible of these chakras is the Crown chakra, represented by the violet color. When the Crown is open we can receive guidance from the most advanced of the chakras, and thus the spiritual or what many might call higher intuitive level.

When our Crown is closed, we are incapable of perceiving anything “higher” intuitively, although aspects of the “spiritual” world do exist. As an example, the “angels” are pure spirit while the genies in the well are matter and energy or in opposition to spirit. Rainbow colors are characteristic of the crown chakra, and the most penetrating colors of the rainbow are reserved for the crown. Other colors may be there to aid us in other areas of our lives, and there is no indication in the starry sky to indicate which chakra is in need of opening.

The next chakra Straight to the TopThe seventh chakra, the 1st, is also called the “Transform fault into blessing energy” energy center, the Alakra of Grace.

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Crystal Healing – Alchemy For The Body And Soul
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