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Creative Mental Workshop – An Introduction!

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The Creative Mental Workshop is the most powerful method of communicating with the subjective world. The subconscious world is where the greatest creative potential is created. If you really want to tune into it and be there, you have to pay the price. Amp it up and prepare your ears to hear how it talks to you.

If you can tune your brain in, you can hear the voice of the subconscious anytime, anywhere. Here’s how. Open a window in your ears and listen. Take a note pad and jot down some things that pop in your mind. Go back and forth between the sounds and see if something makes sense to you. It should come out on its own over time

Creative Mental Workshop Exercise #2 is to research a certain image and use that image all the time in your mind. Research the image you closely in your mind until it becomes clear to you. Take your time and go back to it often. Take note of the synchronicities event that happens around the time when you hear the image.

By doing this exercise with enough intensity you will develop your intuition to the point where you will be on a first name basis with your hallucination. Then the following exercise will put the pieces together to develop a full image from the hallucination event and you will be able to read the message that is the underlying mythos of our reality

Study the Image

I like to do this exercise first thing in the morning, before my mind kicks in. It may sound silly, but it really is. The more you focus on the specific image you are trying to communicate, the more clear your mind will be and the better you will understand the flow of your subconscious.

OK, Time is your most important asset, make sure you have plenty of it, don’t worry about time, just get it done. Meditate. Do this for at least 15 minutes to feel the proper stimuli and energize your mind for the procedure.

Invoke Your Willpower

I consider this to be your most fundamental role and also the most difficult. In the movie ‘The Secret’, they showed a woman setting things in motion to make her car turn. She was able to make it go forwards and backwards, but never reversed the pitch of her voice. The pitch was perfect, just the right pitch. This is the same setting I want to achieve. I want to be able to hear the voiceperfectly, not backwards or backwards, but pitch perfectforwards and to the point at which it is all I hear. I want to be completely awakeandat the same time focused. It is not easy to achieve this, but it is achievable with will power. It’s better to use will power for the purpose it was put to, to serve your ‘will’. It is like performing this simple act, you should not be thinking of it ()- scholars at the time saw the importance of will power. You will be able to influence your subconscious more effectively with this acquired knowledge and understanding.

I’m Not Holding Your Hand

Notice that I asked you to “hold” something up, in unison, and not to let go. It is easy to let go by doing it one way and not the other. The ego, in its restless nature, likes to feel the need to exert pressure on things. It’s a frog-in-a-hat phenomenon. We avoid them at all costs.

On the other hand, applying will power to something which forces an immediate answer to the mind, is a force of will power and will power is born within. It is the will of the heart over the mind as the latter is known as airoids. In other words, when the heart and mind are in an alliance, the mind does not realize its orders ( malaria, airoids and monkeying way) and continues to function, without interference, and so, is known as the mind of your higher self.

Use It – Then Let It Go

Will power is a gift to be cherished. It is a tool that is useful in many situations. It can be truly useful when applied in the right way. But, we have been applying it indiscriminately and haphazardly, when truth be known, it is the pits. There is a deep belief which must be awakened and lived and acted upon which will bring about a better understanding and development of a situation. Vow to put this into practice for your advantage.


While my intention with this article is to point out some of the biggest pitfalls which the would-be- follower may fall into, it is intended to inspire some sweeping innovations in the Secret. I hope by sharing these notions in a different format – especially online – one of my goals is to make certain that perhaps these ideas that I discussed at length over many years ago are again seen more regularly by a greater audience;

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Creative Mental Workshop – An Introduction!
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