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Conscious Living – Key To A Successful Journey Through Life

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Your conscious living is the starting point of your journey to self awareness, which is the path to conscious living. Because you’re living consciously you’ll be able to use the key of conscious living to create what you want.

Conscious living means you’re living with your vision instead of your ego; you’re allowing time to meet your obligations so you can fulfill your deepest longings and potentials.

At this point your self-development may be beginning to take shape, and you’re beginning to allow space for the potential that’s part of your remembering journey. It’s easy to lose track of where your conscious living is headed because we tend to get overwhelmed with demands, obligations and the pressures of living in the world.

Conscious living is not a tree of life. It’s a path filled with many possibilities, many gifts with the many experiences that can be brought forth from self-awareness. As you become more skilled at living achieve, more of your life will unfold in ways that allow you to fulfill the desires of your heart.

Conscious living allows space for the unexpected

While you’re conscious of your desires, your unconscious is free to create them. As it is with the creative process, your unconscious is building with a purpose. While you desire that desire, your unconscious is creating it in a way that best suits what you desire.

Your unconscious isn’t necessarily doing this consciously so you’re on an unconscious path. It’s been happening softly and you’ve hardly even noticed. Now that you’re becoming more conscious, you’re becoming more aware and you’re becoming aware of the unconscious. How did unconscious living change your life so that you are starting to live more consciously?

Your new attitude toward life allows you to feel more fulfilled

As you are becoming more conscious, you begin to sense the value of living consciously. You begin to value your life more and more and you feel gratitude for having the life you have. Your attention wants to direct itself to the things that carry the most pleasure, and your unconscious is following the patterns of your deeper self.

You are coming to realize that a new principle of consciousness is determining your attitude toward life. You realize that you are living unconsciously because you have lost touch with your deeper self and the process of life.

Now more than ever, you feel life is not happening according to your full potential. You have the potential to become conscious living and fulfilling your deeper potential. According to the Conscious Human Evolutionary Matrix, a new principle of consciousness has been realized for some of you, and it is screaming to be put to use. This consciousness is deeper and has a more expansive view of life, and it welcomes such a shift in perspective.

Start your move into conscious living by nurturing your connection with yourself. Spend more time with your Self and quietly listen for the wisdom within. incorporating your own personal projects into your life or projects for others and start working on projects with the intent to become more conscious.

The world needs you to be your best, and remain so in the world, that is why you are here.

Conscious living is a new direction in the world of reality, and as the world evolves so will your consciousness. Deepen your wisdom and become adept at living with conscious alignment toward a meaningful life. Everything you do matters to your future, for in these uncertain times, your future depends on it.

Take your own personal connectedness and awareness and extending it beyond the physical realm of your body to include your vessels of consciousness and your ability to use them. Also, call on your God Self to become one with the Consciousness of Life so that you can become an enlightened being and help create an even more joyful world for everyone.

Thought and Consciousness transcends all form and three-dimensional reality, so become aware of yourself as a powerful thinker and extend that power of thinking all the way into consciousness and ultimately to manifestation at the level of unity with All That Is.

Unite every aspect of your life into a meaningful covenant with yourself and creation.

Live knowingly with a heart full of grudges and forgiveness towards yourself and others so that your life is void of negativityWhether in thought or in deed. Inuttering, verbalizing negative feelings towards yourself and others only creates more suffering for the one verbalizing and doing harm to yourself and others.

Decide to live a life filled with healthy compassion towards yourself and others. Take responsibility andsteps boldly into the Quantum Ocean so that positiveproductive energy can flow into your lives and live a life of richness and joy.

Decide to choose to live a life filled with compassion and forgiveness. Choose to make this life your own. Choose to live a life that loves you unconditionally and is full of self-love. Be kind to yourself and others.

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Conscious Living – Key To A Successful Journey Through Life
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