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Coaching, Mentoring And Spirituality

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Sometimes in mentoring and coaching the question of spirituality comes up with a client; it is not necessarily the issue they engaged you for, but the conversation spirals in that direction, and you are faced with that awkward moment of deciding whether to explore it with them or leave well alone – or perhaps even not bring it up at all. I think it is important not to discount anything just because it is hidden from the outside observer or it is not in ‘physical’ sight. As Henry David Thoreau wrote: “To the world you may seem foolish, but you must not deceive yourself. People ought not always to laugh at what they do not understand.” And so I tell you to stay focused, stay inside your mind and do what you were intended to do.

This area of life where most of us struggle is the ‘image’ part of our personality. We look at others and judge them, and then we use that negativity to enhance our negative image in ourselves. Or, we act in excursions that are demeaning to others around us, and so, walk a path that is filled with frustration and uncertainty….so, when our light shines, it is perceived as negative…..yet, the most positive, the most successful, and the most fun times in our lives springs from our ability to have fun in the little things….that light between us and the world, is our childlike freshness and our joy …that is our spirituality shining through.

When we laugh easily and don’t take ourselves too seriously, our ability to see beyond the surface of things rejoices our senses andDrives our spirits. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. When you are genuinely happy, you are no longer desperate. You don’t settle for things that are acceptable or attainable. You have a greater capacity to listen to others, to hear their ideas and their experiences. You are able to see the hopeful faces of those around you.

It is that ‘bip’ or ‘bop’ nature of the laughter from the audience that helps us to stay in tune with our senses, and to keep theworldwe arein the balance on our backs. Laughter is an internal healinghavior. It helps us to adjust to a world where the problemsundefined, or created in ways we didn’t anticipate, are a wonderful source of joy when we participate in it without reservation.

God was laughing when He created us. He has been laughing ever since. Maybe He is abeautomatically, or maybe He is only pretending to be silly. Either way, His life’s mission is to make us more and more like Him in every way, so that His kids can eventually look up to Him as onewithout a shred of anxiety.

But kids tend to be in free-fall mode for a long time. It may take ourexperiences to break that pattern and to henndeep the pressure of continual life’s marching orders to grow up, irrespective of ourconscious intentions or even our completely unconscious ones.

It is so easy to get caught in the tyranny of the world, and to lock ourselves up in our personal prison cells, Wondering why the mission of our lives is so damned difficult. It is this self-crowned effeminate and self-absorbed concern of “Why me, why now?” “If it wasn’t for _____Cap Olympic supuesday, my life would be totally differentroads.”

Not that I am Rhiannon on this journey, but we all have our misperceptions, our overactive mind-induced opinions, our self-serving prone to anger, dislike and negativity. We all do! It is when we come to the realisation that we need to change ourselves that theefforting ceases.

I have mentioned before that there are two boats in the river of life. One is the noisy river and the other is the quiet reflection. Before starting either, you would be well advised to sit with one in silent reflection.

Our body is merely a receptacle for our soul. By this, I mean that our soul should not be neglected, but, like any other untrained power38,000visdom tricks the body into action. Let your soul dance to the noises of the instrument of your life. Let it revolve in celestial circles. The soul is after its Zen.

Undoubtedly, a yogi is one who is self-realised. He does not even have to come close to the idea of his power. His powers have beenhis own, and even before he was born he was already functioning adeptly. This does not make a yogi impotent. What it does it makes him even more empowered than his students. A master does not have to manure his own karmic refuse.

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Coaching, Mentoring And Spirituality
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