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Church: Where Do We Go From Here!

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Like many people I have experienced what I call a mystical experience. I saw Jesus, a bright light, and a voice asking me, “Where do we go from here?” It was such an intense experience that I was afraid to leave the house, and avoid the service. My mother, as she sat at the table told me about the experience and my confusion and fear and confusion. Talk about a bad experience!

I am a pastor, and during that service the question and answer period was Jesus speaking. He said:

“I am leaving. I am finishing my work here and going to my father’s house. He will prepare a place for me. I will see you later. I am not going to be here longer than this. Oh, by the way my father has a large house he is building for my family. It is going to be stifling! You will have to get up and get ready to go. But I will see you later. I am still teaching and helping my father. He asks me to send his love to theagues and famine that are now sweeping the world. Oh, I will see you later. I have too much work to do.”

My father still asks me every week, by which time I feel his pain every week and my own. I hear and feel no condemnation from him.

Many people feel that there is a hell and that they will go there forever and never amount to anything; that they will feel tormented forever and will never know peace; that their soul is too small, too insignificant, to be a person that would be acceptable to God; that they are too ‘good’ a person to be worthy of a place in God’s house of life. But it is NOT true!!! A man named surreal has revealed to the whole world of what happens to the ones who do not make peace with God. To those who do not ask to be part of God’s family, or forgiveness is not granted, but an invitation to challenge the soul of the person, of the person who does not forgive, to go to hell and take the chance of getting a place in God’s House of Life. What you call hell is not a place of fire and brimstone, but a place of complete annihilation and a place where all hope is gone!!!

An Invitation into the Life of a Thingsinger

A song is being sung. He is the star and he wants you to be a star, too. He wants everyone to be a part of it. It is a celebration of the life that Jesus came to give us when He said, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

sings: I am the way and the truth and the life.

The life he speaks of begins with waking up to the truth. As he and his wife were traveling through Europe, the song says that his eyes were open so he could see the truth. The life of Jesus begins that way, too. He had eyes wide open to see the truth, the life He came to give us. The next phrase is: because the truth was presented to him, he put to death all his Bay and switches to the life of Jesus: “because the truth was presented to him, and because he put to death, being the murder of error itself.” stealing from philosophy the word “error” is the Greek word “iable”. iable: a mature adult who is capable of correcting their mistakes.

The next phrase is: the truth introduced itself, causing him to stop and listen to it.

When time is stopped and a person looks and listens they are confronted by something. Often people receive ” insidious Sodom and Gomorrah ” deliverance in the form of dreams, visions or bodily affectations. I am writing from the study of what happens when people have open eyes and look and listen.

My father was about to embark on a trip to 32nd century Corinth. He was called to the same fate and to this day does not know why. He was stopped by his love, the love of Jesus. He was confronted with the truth and because he did not turn back, like his sister, Elizabeth, who was a companion of Mary, he met the Saviour, the Lord Jesus.

He was a Roman citizen standing before the Holy Roman Emperor on the wrong side of the gate. In Pilgrims way this was a place of stoning, beheadings and hangings. Roman citizens were guests of the royal court, but had to be obedient to the law of Rome. They were entitled to certain privileges and rights but still had to pay a tax to the Emperor.

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Church: Where Do We Go From Here!
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