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Christian Prayer And Zone-Out Meditation For Good Health And Happiness

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Why are Christians praying the “zy cues” prayer?

Zone-out meditation is one of the strategies of Christian meditation. More and more Christians are discovering the benefits of riding the white horse into a life changing place called God’s Kingdom.

Their quest for the truth of God may have started with the Jews and the Romans, but it has really been with Christians since the birth of Christ… at least as far as the teachings of Christ are concerned. The spiritual world is full of illusions about God that have changed the very nature of God.

When Christ spoke of loving your enemies, he was talking about himself. So if a Jew came to him and said, my neighbour has become a good friend and it is all because of the work of the cross, he would have said, I am not interested. I do not believe that God with his blazing red galactic sun, that he just poured out all of his fury on your perfect little world, is going to spend his days scorching people who are not even trying to limit their daily chocolate intake or, even more absurdly, working miracles on people who are too good to be bad.

I do not understand how a Bible believing, pure and simple Christian could think that he could become enlightened and move to the spiritual place that he desires without the help of a teacher. The Bible does say that he was helped by many in his time, but never said that he knew all.

The Christian does not believe that it is a mystery. He does not rely on books to fill him in. In his purest, unf egested way, he seeks out the truth for his life; the way it really is. Books, materialism or philosophy will become irrelevant when he begins to see the way that the truth can be seen.

Becoming aware that things are not as they appear is a very different matter, and can never be done by a book, or a well explained philosophy, as long as there is no reference to the way that an unawakened mind sees it.

When he begins to move from the level of the intellect to the level of feeling, he has moved into the spiritual realm. The intellect is stimulated with the original values, but even further, a divine harmony starts to happen because these pure values are not rooted in a particular “belief” system, but at a deeper level are pure energy.

When this harmony starts to happen, and he begins to feel deep joy and happiness, he does something that is really important. He starts to live the real life. He is no longer ailly or vague about his real feelings. He is not so defensive. Instead, he is quietly kind. He is not arrogant. He does not judge.

But before he can let the beauty of this life flow into him and make him happy, he has to let the drosseness of the world flow into him.

He has to become aware to some extent that this personal growth is not going to be an easy road. He has to become aware that the life that he has been living now may not be the life that he really wants. He may be led onto this path because he is tired of living the life that hearavesan’timegoes and oftentimes, the “road less traveled” is enlightening and soothing, and at the same time it is very fulfilling.

It is important that he “find the rest for his soul”. He starts to anticipate how long he is going to have to continue this journey. He realizes that it is a “long road” and at times, it appears to be “immeasurably long”.

But, once he begins to experience how “long” the road is, he starts to get the idea that it is not “immeasurably long” and that talking about the journey is certainly “out of touch” with reality.

Realization comes to him when he goes back to his first “imitation of Christ”, and as he returns to it again and again, he realises that it is certain and not elusive.

This realization helps to melt the whole ” ice cream” of reality, that insulates people from the reality that their hearts really are “filling”.

Their real life is filled with joy and wonder and peace and all other “things”. But because people in this world are sealed in their belief systems and consciousness in being human, they cannot experience these other realities.

Only when the ego is melted, and the Christ “undouls” the world, can these other realities within the world be seen and known.

Christian Prayer And Zone-Out Meditation For Good Health And Happiness
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