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Can You Recognize The Ten Traits Of An Enlightened Person? Take The Quiz

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Living in a hustle-bustle world can limit our awareness of how we can do our best tohetical our lives. Many people are blessed with multiple skills but seek to develop those skills. Some people have natural talent – dancing, singing, programming, for example – and seek to find work that utilizes that talent. Others may be excellent intellectually, have a varied set of interests, or may be excellent at something in several areas. If someone wants to explore their potential and focus their skill, focus some attention on their health. It may be in the best interest of the individual, their family, their career, or their community to seek assistance in discovering how their potential can be developed.

Common Opportunities To Overcome

Opportunities abound for those who seek to explore their potential. Simply put, opportunities are things (things outside of yourself) that will occur over time. Many of us have been blessed with gifts and talents, but seek to find work that uses those gifts. At the same time, people have sought careers in the medical field, teaching, fighting disease, protecting the environment, furthering human knowledge, or shining light away from injustice and into the darkness, for example.

As you can see, the potential to realize your full potential is all around you – you just need to recognize them. When you are aware of your thoughts you will be able to identify when certain attitudes and thoughts are helpful and positive. When you are able to be grateful for the people in your life, then you can be thankful that you have the opportunity to do your best with what you have. Hence, the saying “Be thankful for all things, for the blessings of mind and spirit”.

Once we’re thankful for the opportunity to do our best, then we can focus on doing our best. We will keep away from the negativity and stay in the positive. The Webster website defines karma as “the sum of a persons actions in this lifetime and the influence those actions have on the rest of their lives”. It also explains that it is influenced by “the attitude and life style” of the person when working with the law of attraction. This means that the more optimistic and positive you are, then the more the law of attraction will work to realize your potential in the future.

The Imagine element of the law of attraction means that “no person is blank or empty”, that everything we do influences others and is remembered by them. If you are kind to others, then you will have a positive attitude and they will feel kind to you. Being defensive in some way will reflect the same to others. There are no victims, so if you expend energy negative energy, then you are really setting yourself up for failure.

In summary, the Seven Spiritual Laws of success can be summarized in the words of David Deaston, a top level motivational speaker and author, “healing the right areas of lack will provide you the greatest advantages, for you will begin to channel the law of attraction to work for you.”

1. Intelligent design: We all have a predefined life path, according to our talents and focus.2. You will have different opportunities with different people.3. You will have different approaches, opportunities and circumstances with different people.4. Life will take the person in different directions based on these things.5. The thoughts you think create your actions.6. Identifying your true goal helps a person focus on what they actually enjoy and have a passion for and actually accomplish.7. Successful people are: willing, able, passionate, willing to listen, concerned about their goals, have a schedule that they stick to, have the courage to act and follow through.

paving your life path purpose can be done through: conscious favourites, spiritual growth, achieving your goals and having a genuine one-on-one relationship with a high level spiritual guide.

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Can You Recognize The Ten Traits Of An Enlightened Person? Take The Quiz
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