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In time of great change, change is occurring as a natural result of peoples changing.cession

There’s no denying that our world is changing. The world has experienced an endless succession of transformations. These have been mostly positive as people have adapted to survive.

These transitions may have created problems for some, however for the indwelt soul, these changes are eleemosynary. The soul is adapting to the world around it and as such, changes will occur, whilesentraininghappens. These shifts are to be expected and are used by the soul to develop new strategies or improve an old one that is archaic.

During these times of change, you may feel knocked to the ground by something unexpected. When things don’t go the way you think they should, orsomeone or something you careabout, Spirit is using them to help you evolve. During these times, opportunities are given for change, growth, and Awakening.

An unexpected event can be an indicator that something Chinooks is about to occur. Many people have a tendency to avoid events that make them uncomfortable. Yet, when an event occurs, Chinooks you’re not prepared for it and may bring a reactions of fear, anger or resentment.

An event that is “unexpected” because it’s beyond your level of comprehension or understanding, may be a sign that somethingspiritual is about to occur. signify

As you view the picture below, you’ll see that some of these ailmentsthat have Chinooks are symptoms of Awakening. All of these conditionswith the exception of the one to your right (runners in the race) are the result of Awakening and your readiness to deal appropriately with the Awakening.

You may have more than one condition on your left (right-side) and more than one on your right (left side). These represent further indications of your awakeningas you shift to embrace the new understanding and the process of transformation.

You may even find yourself in the midst of more than one of these conditions simultaneously. The more that you experience each condition, the more you realise the represent the amount of preparation you’ve done to allow yourself and your heart to open to whatever may lay ahead.

As you view the picture you’ll see several rescue hearts. They’re bubble bursts of respite surrounding you as you enter into each condition. You feel relaxed, refreshed, relieved, fulfilled, watchful, and safe. You feel like your insides are ease, your energies are light and your joy is flowing freely. You can feel this, see this, feel this and expand in this very pleasant and blissful place.

As you look back at the bubble bursting in your mind you realise that what you had selected was incompatible with the passion, love, peace and joy that you long for. The conflict you thought was short-lived or insignificant (in contrast to the one that is forever) had actually developed to size you up and consider you different. You had “run out of steam”; actually your body was on fire and your mind had begun to put out the fire. What arose was a willingness to endure the pain and open the door to reconciliation.

Once you’ve Remembered your Heart and Soul you realize that you’ve actually Reserved twoample hearts: one for the “new world” of sharing and one for the “old world” of control. You easily let go of the desire to control the “unsaved” and give that power to the one that is clearly in control. Instead, share your hearts. Let the one that is in control show you how to Live.

Perhaps you’ve reserved a particular heart shaped wrenching condition for this year. One of the keys to releasing it is to learn the definition of the condition and also where it came from, so that the true cause can be addressed. A memory of a particular unwanted state is the likely cause. For example, an extreme fear of not enough or fear of loss may have formed part of the story. This story may have started with a perceived loss of some essential relationship, promotion, or happiness. It then continued to show up year after year, with ever increasingly distressing pictures and symptoms. Over Time, the origins of this condition might have become clearer. In this article I will address the primary source of this condition, that is, your interpretation of the condition followed your beliefs about your essential Self.

When I work with people, some say, “I don’t want to believe this. I just want to do something.” And I ask, “Who’s not wanting to do something?” Look deep into your depths and see if there’s anything you’ve gotten emotionally stuck into ever since your childhood that’s holding you back or, worse, that you’re nearly immortalized in, so you can’t live anything else.

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C Patt Prayer Denmark
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