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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed

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I was told by a shaman named Evi Ge varulf that I was healed by a vision of a white light that came upon me and took away all the pain and showed me there is nothing to fear. It was a vision of Jesus and as I lay in the hospital bed, I was praying to him that this was real.

Then they took me to another room and put a drip feed into my arm. The nurse brought me flowers and told me they were for me. But really, I just wanted to know if this was real and yes, it was real. A while after this I passed out. I walked out of the hospital wing and this magnificent angel was walking towards me and smiled at me. He reached out his hand and touched my forehead, probably his index finger, and he looked deep into my eyes. His smile was like a breakthrough. I had been healed!

Hely was my shaman and he had performed this spell of healing before. But, this time he gave me proof that he was acting on my behalf. When I came back to my room, I felt myself changing. The physical pain began to cease. I took my new holistic healing meditation workshop by the next day and the words I heard weren’t in my head at all. They came in the form of new words I had never heard. They were heartfelt and simple. Before going back to my bed I did a little jig and a dance to celebrate the fact that I was finally released and my mind and body were open to the power of this new energy.

The Power of the NowFacts And The Great AwakeningTo me, May 21st, 2009 has turned out to be the most significant day in my life. The date was chosen because it is the first Full Moon after our lunar calendar ends. This period is called the ‘Magic of Exodus’ and the ‘Eods’ in the Mayan Underworlds. The day was set aside to celebrate the birth of something new, something powerful. Apparently this magical power is the coming of the New Age. The fact that it had come at this time was no coincidence. The Maya had always celebrated their calendar dates with great rites of magic. Apparently there were direct references to ‘idols’ and ‘spiritual power’ way back in the 1,000 BC. Somewhere within the spiritual traditions, possibly even in the Mayan cultural beliefs, there must have been references to the power of the mystical, of God. And of course, the Magic of Exodus pointed to something great and powerful and miraculous.

I believe within my heart that mankind was created for a reason. There is an inborn mysticism among mankind. I believe this because of the sincerity and accuracy of these ‘Eods’that lived inside my soul. It was just what my soul needed to realize that somehow, the pieces of the puzzle were finally falling into place and that despite all the years of trying, mankind could actually actualize the greatest, most important spiritual threats that mankind could ever face.I wrote extensively in my essay on the ‘Thousand Chapters Pagan Wisdom’ that the Mayan prophesies were so exact and so detailed that they were unemotional and just each needed as a part of a whole. The writings contained both the chants and music used at each ceremony and the meaning could be fully understood. The Mayans valued their art and as a result, thousands of years of communicating with each other and with the outside world. This created a new way of viewing our world that is the true and complete paradigm from which we now receive our distilled world views. According to indispensable Wiccan author, Apollonia Jones:

“The ancient Mayas, in particular, have left us a rich legacy of mysticism and philosophy; and it is this, as well as the profound physical and demographic truths which they left us, which gives modern Pagans the keys to communicate to ancient man in their own languages. Mayan Life, as it was part of the Mayan psyche, is as relevant today as when it arose.”

No doubt inspired by such a revelation, I asked him then what his, and the rest of the tribes’ stand was in relation to the rest of the world. He began by telling me that his tribe doesn’t worry about Alaskan pollution, or the effects of atomic blasts on our food supplies or our water. They don’t replace broken bottles anymore… instead they “meditate” on the eternal balance of the Universe which they feel is more important than the fate of our planet.

I didn’t tell him that the bears that eat my shiny encountering are the same ones that eat my shiny new metal toys. I didn’t tell him that their actions are the reason for the sun heating and our plastic water bottles with preservatives that harm our genetically engineered fish.

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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed
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