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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed

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A lot of people see healing as something God has to do, but healing is something that you receive. The scripture says “By whose stripes you were healed” (1Peter 2:24). That is not a promise, a promise would put healing in the future. God is informing you of something that has been done that’s why He states healing as something done. In the Old Testament to atone for the peoples sins they would offer to God a blood sacrifice for atonement and the sickness would be removed. Well, Jesus was our sacrifice that’s why Isaiah 53:4,5 says “And with his stripes we are healed.” Healing is something already done.

Now here’s where people miss it, they rely more on what there body tells them than the word of God. In Psalms 107:20 it says “He sent his word and healed them.” How did God heal them by his word. Now let’s look at Jesus and see how he healed, in Luke 17:12-14 ten lepords came to Jesus for healing and Jesus told them “Go show yourselves unto the priest.” Now understand the only reason people showed themselves to the priest in those days was so the priest would pronounce them clean for them to be able to go in public. Now, here we see Jesus sending them to the priest while they were still lepords, what was Jesus doing He was calling them clean. They didn’t look any different, they didn’t feel any different, but they put their faith in Jesus words and not their body. And as they went they were cleansed. Notice once Jesus pronounced them clean Jesus saw it as done and it was up to them to believe and receive.

God sees you as healed right now and when you believe you’re healed in spite of what your body is saying, you will be free to go. Now how can you be free to go when you are still in bondage to issues from the past. At the core of all God’s work is love and that’s what Jesus experienced as He was healing from the stripes of our transgressions. And now as you watch these words I am excited wondering what God is doing through YOU…what God is doing through My body..what God is doing through mankind. Leave the woundedness where it is, hurts that are in your body, go and get somebody to fix you up. Once you are fixed you can start to help somebody else. Notice that verse of scripture didn’t say “don’t go cast out your sickness,” it said “don’t be overcome by sickness.” How can you be overcome by sickness but also by the Word of God spoken in faith. Both those tangles of sickness and healing are your body’s duty but the illness is not from God; the Word of God is from God and is a medicine for your soul.

8. Worry – worry is faith in the fact that worry expresses your doubt in your ability to overcome. The scripture in Isaiah 41:10 said, “For the Lord GOD helps not those who walk in his ways.” That sends a strong message to all those who walk in His ways, there is no help from the Lord for walking in His ways and living righteously. So, if you want to walk in His ways, walk in the promises of God. If you want to overcome, conquer, defeat and cast out any hindrance to the overcoming of you will be manifested in your life.

9. Boldness – be bold in the power of God. Boldness is a virtue set in motion by the Word and it is activated or acted upon by faith. There is no motion without action, so be bold. We read in the Word of God over and over again that the people boldness gave them boldness to the overcoming, to the getting of rooms. Notice that this virtue is an active one and requires boldness to work. Without boldness we will never know the victory that is yours in life. Body: should have boldness; Should stand boldly. Heart: be strong and expect and receive courage. Soul: put trust in the Lord with confidence.

10. Identification – you should be specific with your request so that you are specific with what you want and the manifestation of it. When you are specific you are letting the Lord know your desires precisely and you will be directed to where you need to be for your victory. Meditate in the Word of God until you know it, think and meditate on it until you know it, call upon the Lord in times of trouble or meditation in the midst of the day on how to overcome. There is power in the Word of God.

11. Remember – keep putting those scriptures that the Lord put on your heart and in your heart so that you can revive them -oubt, obey, etc.

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By Jesus Stripes You Were Healed
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